Laniado, Samuel ben Abraham

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LANIADO, SAMUEL BEN ABRAHAM (d. 1605), Syrian rabbi, biblical commentator, and preacher, known from the title of most of his works as Ba'al ha-Kelim. Laniado was a grandson of Samuel Laniado who settled in Adrianople after the expulsion from *Spain. He was born in *Aleppo, where he became head of the community (c. 1601) after the death of Samuel b. Joseph ha-Kohen. He assembled homiletical and exegetical comments on the Bible, and original comments of his own. The following of his books have been published: Keli Ḥemdah (Venice, 1595), on the Pentateuch; Keli Yekar (ibid., 1603), on the early prophets; Keli Paz (ibid., 1657), on Isaiah; Teru'at Melekh (Jerusalem, 1931), on Psalms. Many of his works have remained in manuscript, including his commentaries on the latter prophets, with the exception of Hosea and Joel (Gaster, manuscripts, London 62, 1–3); Keli Golah, on Lamentations; and Mevakkesh ha-Shem, a commentary on the Pentateuch which he mentioned in Keli Ḥemdah. He also wrote a commentary titled Sekhel Tov on the Midrash Shoḥer Tov, which was in the possession of Ḥayyim Joseph David *Azulai. His son Abraham was also a dayyan in Aleppo.


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