Laniado, Abraham ben Isaac

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LANIADO, ABRAHAM BEN ISAAC (d. after 1619), biblical commentator, of Aleppo. In his youth Laniado studied in Safed, Joseph *Caro being one of his teachers. After undergoing many hardships in this city he returned to Aleppo where he married the daughter of Samuel b. Abraham *Laniado, who was apparently his uncle, and who provided for his support. Laniado was in Venice in 1603 and in that year saw to the publication of his father-in-law's work Keli Yekar, a commentary on the major prophets, and of his own work Magen Avraham, consisting of homilies. He also wrote Nekuddot ha-Kesef (Venice, 1619), a commentary to the Song of Songs which was published with the text, the Aramaic Targum, and a Ladino translation. In the introduction to this work, Laniado stated that he also wrote a commentary to the Pentateuch titled Torat Ḥesed, and to the Five Scrolls, the haftarot, Psalms, Proverbs, Job, and Daniel.


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