Landulf of Évreux, St.

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Bishop; d. before 614. Very little is known about this saint except that he was bishop of Évreux, and that c. 600 he exhumed the relics of St. taurinus (late fourth century), the first bishop of Évreux, and built a church in his honor. Other biographical embellishments are taken from the Vita s. Taurini, a forgery dating from the ninth century, supposedly the work of a disciple of the saintly Bp. deodatus of nevers. Reputed miracles were added to the vita in the 10th and 11th centuries. According to these accounts even before becoming bishop, Landulf had been informed by heavenly voices about the relics of his holy predecessor. After Landulf assumed the episcopal office, a great ray of light reportedly indicated the very spot where he was to seek for the body of St. Taurinus. In spite of these uncertainties, the local cult of Landulf is one of long standing.

Feast: Aug. 13.

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