Lament, Boleslawa Maria, Bl.

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Foundress of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family; b. July 3, 1862, Lowicz, Poland; d. Jan.29, 1946, Bialystak, Poland. Lament is remembered for persevering in charity during difficult times. She began her work by establishing organizations in her home town to care for the ill and abandoned, which led to the founding of the Missionary Sisters of the Holy Family (1905). The sisters soon spread to St. Petersburg, Mohilev, and Zytomierz. The turmoil of World War I and subsequent civil unrest forced Lament to reestablish her missions three times. Before her death the congregation extended to Pinsk, Vilnius, and Bialystak. Long before the Second Vatican Council, Lament labored for Christian unity. She was beatified at Boleslawa, Poland by John Paul II, June 5, 1991.

Bibliography: b. lament, Wybór pism Boleslawy Lament, ed. r. j. bar (Warsaw 1976).

[k. i. rabenstein]