Kreinin, Meir

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KREININ, MEIR (1866–1939), civic leader, born in Bykhov, Belorussia. In 1905 he was a member of the central committee of the League for Equal Rights for Jews in Russia. Together with S. *Dubnow, in 1907 he founded the Jewish *Folkspartei in Russia. From 1914 he acted as vice chairman for the *Society for the Promotion of Culture among Jews of Russia (ope). Vice chairman of the Jewish communities in Russia from 1918, he was active in relief work on behalf of the Jewish population. Leaving Russia in 1921, he went first to Berlin and in 1927 to Paris. He was chairman of Emigdirect (United Committee for Jewish Emigration) and from 1927 one of the three directors of hicem. In 1934 he settled in Palestine and died in Jerusalem.


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