Krein, Alexander Abramovich

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KREIN, ALEXANDER ABRAMOVICH (1883–1951), composer. After Krein completed his studies at the Moscow Conservatory in 1908 (cello and composition), he was named professor at the same institution (1912–17). He was also secretary of the Russian Board of Education (1918–20), and member of the board of the State Publishing Department (1918–27). He became one of the leaders of the Jewish musical movement and was an active member of the Moscow branch of the *Society for Jewish Folk Music. His very lyrical music is in an impressionistic style mingled with Jewish traditional folk motifs, creating a strongly personal Jewish style. His brother grigori (1880–1955), composer and violinist, studied in Moscow with Hrimaly, Juon, and Glière, and later in Leipzig with Reger (1905–08). He also lived in Paris (1926–34) and in Tashkent (1941–43). His modern music is intellectual and occasionally has Jewish content. Grigori's son julian (1913–1996), composer and pianist, studied at the Ecole Normale de Musique in Paris with Dukas (1926–33). He wrote technically brilliant music and occasionally employed Jewish motifs.


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