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Redemptorist moral theologian; b. Helmond, near 's-Hertogenbosch, in the Low Countries, Aug. 24, 1821;d. Ilchester, Maryland, June 30, 1884. Konings entered the redemptorist congregation and was professed on Nov. 6, 1843, and ordained on Dec. 21, 1844. He served as professor of moral theology and Canon Law in the Redemptorist house of studies at Wittem, Holland, and became provincial of the province of Holland (186568). In 1870 he accepted an assignment that brought him to the U.S., where he taught moral theology and Canon Law in the Redemptorist seminary at Ilchester, Maryland, and quickly became a consultant to American bishops and priests in difficult questions involving theological and canonical principles and practice. He wrote a number of tracts and articles on these subjects and two highly appreciated books: Theologia moralis S. Alphonsi in compendium redacta et usui ven. cleri americani accomodata (Boston 1874, six later editions) and Commentarium in facultates apostolicas ad usum ven. cleri americani (New York 1884). This work was revised by J. Putzer in 1893 and had a 5th edition in 1898.

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Konings, Anthony

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