Kohen, Albert

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KOHEN, ALBERT (1885–1949), Turkish journalist, educator, community leader. Born in *Istanbul, Kohen studied at the Alliance Israélite school. At the age of 18 he became involved in community affairs in Hasköy and then established the Hinukh Yeladim school, where he taught the children Hebrew, Jewish history, and culture. Starting in 1910, he became the president of the Jewish community of Sirkeci. From 1940 he was a member of the Secular Council of the Chief Rabbinate and also a member of the board of the Or Ahayim Jewish Hospital. He began publishing in 1922 in El Telegrafo and then in La Boz de Oriente. In 1939 he founded La Boz de Türkiye, a biweekly journal published in Turkish, French, and Ladino. He was Turkey's correspondent of the *Jewish Telegraphic Agency until his death. As his journalistic activities did not bring in material remuneration, he worked in the Banque de Salonique until 1947. His published works include Maimonides Su Vida Y Sus Obras (1935); La Evolución de la Mujer y el Rolo de La Mujer Judia en la Historia de Israel (1936); La Signification de Kippour (1936); La Vertud de Kippour (1937); Abraham Elmaleh Quelques Traits de Sa Vie: Publié à l'Occasion du 60ème Anniversaire de sa Naissance (1945).


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[Rifat Bali (2nd ed.)]