Kipnis, Levin

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KIPNIS, LEVIN (1894–1990), author of children's Hebrew literature. Born in Ushomir, Volhynia, he went to Ereẓ Israel in 1913, studied at the Bezalel School of Arts, and taught in a kindergarten. After a period of study in Germany in 1923 he joined the staff of the Lewinsky Teachers' Seminary in Tel Aviv. One of the first children's authors in Ereẓ Israel, his numerous storybooks included Pa'am Aḥat (1931), Yeladim ba-Maḥteret (1946), Ḥaggai (1949), Alef (1955), Bet (1956), Gimmel (1957), Ẓivonim (1967), and Ḥidon ha-Torah li-Yladim (1968). Later he also wrote children's stories in Yiddish and published, in 1961, Untern Taytelboym. He also edited the journals for kindergarten teachers, Gannenu (1919–20) and Hedha-Gan (1938–59). In 1978 he was the recipient of the Israel Prize for children's literature. A collection of essays examining the influence of Kipnis on Hebrew children's literature was published under Iyyunim bi-Yẓirat Levin Kipnis in 1982. A list of his works translated into English appears in Goell, Bibliography, 105 (index).


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