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KASEJOVICE (Ger. Kassowitz, Kasselowitz ), small town in S.E. Bohemia, Czech Republic. One Jewish family is mentioned in Kasejovice in 1570. By the 17th century there was a small community and a cemetery was consecrated in 1669. That same year a conference of notables confirmed the statutes of the Boehmische *Landesjudenschaft in Kasejovice. The community comprised 24 families in 1721, but a synagogue was not built until 1818. Only 28 Jews lived in Kasejovice in 1930. In 1942 all the Jews in the town were deported to the Nazi extermination camps, and the synagogue furniture was sent to the Central Jewish Museum in Prague. The community was not reestablished after World War ii, and the synagogue building was used as a local museum. Kasejovice was the first community in which Filip *Bondy preached in Czech.


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[Jan Herman]