Kasabi, Joseph ben Nissim

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KASABI, JOSEPH BEN NISSIM (17th century), Turkish rabbi. Kasabi was a pupil of Joseph *Trani and was regarded as one of the outstanding halakhists of Constantinople. Problems were addressed to him from Bosnia, Belgrade, Salonika, Bucharest, and elsewhere, and among his halakhic correspondents were Abraham *Rosanes, Moses *Benveniste, and Jacob *Alfandari. Kasabi migrated to Adrianople but subsequently returned to Constantinople. Most of his sermons were lost in the great fire of 1669. Some of his halakhic rulings are cited in the Penei Moshe of Moses Benveniste, some in the Dat ve-Din of his pupil, Eliezer ibn Shangi, and others in his own Rav Yosef which was published by his grandson Moses Kasabi, together with the Muẓal me-Esh of Jacob and Ḥayyim Alfandari.


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