Karu (Krupnik), Baruch

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KARU (Krupnik), BARUCH

KARU (Krupnik ), BARUCH (1899–1972), Hebrew writer, journalist, editor, and translator. Born in Chernevtsy (Podolia), Karu lived in Warsaw until World War i. He spent the war years in Berne, and subsequently settled in Berlin where he served on the editorial board of the German Encyclopaedia Judaica and the Hebrew encyclopedia Eshkol. In 1932 he moved to Tel Aviv, where he joined the staff of the daily newspaper *Haaretz. From 1942 until his retirement in 1962 he served on the editorial board of the daily Ha-Boker. He first began publishing in *Ha-Shilo'aḥ in 1911 and contributed articles regularly on literature, science, and other topics to the Hebrew press. His many publications include a talmudic dictionary Millon Shimmushi la-Talmud (1927), a literary encyclopedia Enẓiklopedyah le-Sifrut Yisre'elit u-Khelalit (1942–61), an Aramaic dictionary, Millon ha-Aramit ha-Ḥayyah ba-Ivrit she-bi-Khetav u-ve-Dibbur (1967), and many translations into Hebrew.


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