Kartalian, Buck 1922- (Buckie Buck, Buck Bucky, Tom Reece)

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Kartalian, Buck 1922- (Buckie Buck, Buck Bucky, Tom Reece)


Born August 13, 1922, in Detroit, MI; married Margaret Kartalian; children: Adam, Julie, Jason.




Stage Appearances:

Sampson, Romeo and Juliet, Broadhurst Theatre, New York City, 1951.

Buck Kartalian, Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix, AZ, 1956.

A porter, Golden Fleecing, Henry Miller's Theatre, New York City, 1959.

Mick, One More River, Ambassador Theatre, New York City, 1960.

Also appeared as Joe, The Adding Machine, Phoenix Theatre, Phoenix, AZ; Burke; The Great Bandini; What Price Glory; Man's Best Friend; Detective Story; The Old Bathtub; In Crisis; Mister Rogers; The Tenth Man; Wonderful Town; The Wall; Can Can; One More River; Guys and Dolls; Front Page; The Empress; Rose Tatoo; and Teahouse of the August Moon.

Film Appearances:

Monk, Cell 2455 Death Row, Columbia, 1955.

Mason, Mister Roberts, Warner Bros., 1955.

Finster, Sail a Crooked Ship, Columbia, 1961.

Merchant marine, Morituri, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1965.

Funky, Devil's Angels, American International, 1967.

The Young Warriors (also known as Eagle Warriors), Universal, 1967.

Dynamite, Cool Hand Luke, Warner Bros., 1967.

Julius, Planet of the Apes (also known as Monkey Planet), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1968.

Bull Shortgun, Stay Away, Joe, MGM, 1968.

(As Buckie Buck) Artie/The Devil, The Acid Eaters (also known as The Acid People), Something Weird, 1968.

(As Buck Bucky) Scarpo, Booby Trap (also known as Young and Wild), Danton, 1970.

Jeff, Myra Breckinridge (also known as Gore Vidal's "Myra Breckinridge"), Twentieth Century-Fox, 1970.

Octaman, Prism, 1971.

Igor, Blood Legacy (also known as Legacy of Blood), Brentwood, 1971.

Sensitivity group, Bunny O'Hare, American International, 1971.

Gorilla Frank, Conquest of the Planet of the Apes, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1972.

Henry Fudd, Please Don't Eat My Mother (also known as Glump, Hungry Pets, Please Not My Mother, Please Release My Mother and Sexpot Swingers), Something Weird, 1973.

Sons of Sassoun, HyeArts, 1975.

Shopkeeper, The Outlaw Josey Wales, Warner Bros., 1976.

Nicky, The Man with Bogart's Face (also known as Sam Marlowe, Private Eye), Image, 1980.

(As Tom Reece) Hacopian/partner, Dixie Ray Hollywood Star, Lima, 1983.

The Kahn, Gymkata, MGM, 1985.

Produce hawker, Real Men, United Artists, 1987.

Bus driver, Checkpoint, New Film, 1987.

Dog owner, Big Girls Don't CryThey Get Even (also known as Stepkids), New Line Cinema, 1992.

Trapped on Toyworld: Josh KirbyTime Warrior!, Full Moon, 1995.

Reverend, The Rock, Buena Vista, 1996.

Nonno, Marge's dad, Eight Days a Week, Legacy, 1997.

Henry, The Art of a Bullet, Creative Light, 1999.

Muscle man, My Favorite Martian (also known as My Favourite Martian), Buena Vista, 1999.

Bagel shop clerk, Magicians, Two Left Shoes, 2000.

Old man at Bronto King, The Flintstones in Viva Rock Vegas, Universal, 2000.

Pedestrian, Phaedra, 2000.

Gene, Dave's Blind Date, 2000.

Grandfather MacDonald, Tomcats, Sony, 2001.

Old man, The Third Wheel, Miramax, 2002.

Earl, Extreme Dating, Franchise, 2004.

Older man, Standing Still, Imagem, 2005.

Janitor, Cattle Call (also known as National Lampoon's Cattle Call), Lions Gate, 2006.

Television Appearances; Series:

Bruce W. Wolf, Monster Squad, NBC, 1976.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

"No Picnic at Mt. Kenya," Robert Montgomery Presents (also known as Lucky Strike Theater, Montgomery's Summer Stock and The Robert Montgomery Summer Theater), NBC, 1953.

Military police, "A Friend in Need," Don't Call Me Charlie, NBC, 1962.

Joey Lopuschok, "And the End of Evil Things," The Gallant Men, ABC, 1962.

Nate Stryker, "The Stryker Brothers," The Untouchables, ABC, 1962.

Al Gross, "A Taste for Pineapple," The Untouchables, ABC, 1963.

Crew, "Eleven Days to Zero," Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, ABC, 1964.

Leopold, "Our Man in Toyland," Get Smart, NBC, 1965.

Second workman, "Underground Munster," The Munsters, CBS, 1965.

John, "Hot Off the Griddle," Batman, ABC, 1966.

Lieutenant Bengston, "The Night of the Pelican," The Wild Wild West, CBS, 1968.

Sam, a recurring role, Here Comes the Bride, ABC, 1968-69.

Kidnapper, "The Man in the Mask," The Red Hand Gang, 1977.

Kidnapper, "The Missing Jewels," The Red Hand Gang, 1977.

Kidnapper, "Search and Rescue," The Red Hand Gang, 1977.

Kidnapper, "Doc's Big Idea," The Red Hand Gang, 1977.

Leon Hartounian, "Inheritance," Lou Grant, CBS, 1980.

Rocky Menuklan, "Open and Shut Case," Cagney & Lacey, CBS, 1983.

Frankie, "The One with Ross's New Girlfriend," Friends, NBC, 1995.

Dave, "Love Thy Neighbor," Life with Roger, 1996.

Rutherford B White, The Jamie Foxx Show, The WB, 1996.

Lloyd Frick, "Union Station," ER, NBC, 1996.

Guard, "Docuventary II," Felicity, 2000.

Papa Gigio, "Mario Putzo's ‘The Last Dong’," Son of the Beach, FX Channel, 2000.

Shoe repair guy, "Ted and Mary," Curb Your Enthusiasm, 2000.

Old guy number two, "Boy on a Rock," Even Stevens, Disney Channel, 2002.

Elderly man, "It's Up, It's Good," Rodney, 2004.

Henry, "Return of the Shirt," How I Met Your Mother, 2005.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Hogan, Breakout, 1970.

Tony, Goodbye, Raggedy Ann, 1971.

Luigi, Recipe for Disaster, 2003.

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