Jungreis (Jungreisz), Asher Anshel

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JUNGREIS (Jungreisz ), ASHER ANSHEL (1806–1872), Hungarian rabbi. Jungreis studied under Meir Eisenstadter and Jacob Koppel Altenkundstadt (Kunstadt) of Verbo, For 40 years he served as rabbi of Csenger and gained a widespread reputation for his piety, to the extent that from all quarters people turned to him for amulets and cures from ailments. He supported widows, cared for the education and marriage of orphans, and also sent considerable sums to the Hungarian *kolel in Ereẓ Israel. After his death his children published his Menuḥat Asher in two parts (1876–1908), consisting of talmudic exposition and responsa. Jungreis left three sons who served in the rabbinates of various Hungarian communities. abraham ha-levi (d. 1904) succeeded his father in Csenger. moses nathan nata ha-levi (1832–1889) was rabbi of Fehergyarmat for 27 years, and of Tiszafüred for 21. He was the author of Torat Moshe Natan in two parts (1896, 1923) and of Menuḥat Moshe (1905). samuel ze'ev ha-levi (d. 1909) was rabbi of Bojom for 30 years. His three sons-in-law were also rabbis: Joshua Baruch Reinitz (1823–1912), rabbi of Balkany and then Galszecs; Samuel David Segal Jungreis (1837–1894), rabbi and rosh yeshivah of Fehergyarmat from 1868; and Jacob Schick (d. 1915), rabbi of Miskolcz and then of Nadudvar.


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