John Bonus of Milan, St.

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Bishop; b. Camogli, Italy, end of sixth century; d. Jan. 2 (3?), 660. John (Giovanni) Camillus the Good was bishop of Milan from 649 until his death. The name Camillus derived from Camogli, where he was born of a noble family; the cognomen Bonus became attached to him in his own time because of his great prudence, magnanimity, and especially his easy friendship with and love of neighbor. He fought strenuously against Monothelitism and had a part in the lateran council of 649. His cult grew only after the discovery and translation of his relics by Bp. Aribert of Milan in the 11th century. His remains are at present in the cathedral of Milan, brought there by Charles borromeo in 1582.

Feast: Jan. 10.

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