Jakubowski, Jackie

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JAKUBOWSKI, JACKIE (1951– ). Born in Szczecin, Poland, Jakubowski arrived in Sweden as a political refugee in 1970. A journalist with special interest in cultural affairs, he is editor of Sweden's national Jewish magazine, Judisk Krönika – one of the foremost publications of its kind in Sweden. In 1986, he published his first book, Jewish Identity in Sweden: From Mosaic Citizen to Zionist Jew. This was followed in 1992 by Judiska prövningar och omprövningar … ("Jewish Problems and Considerations …") and in 2000 by Ljudet av alef … ("The Sound of Aleph …"). He has also coauthored works with such notable writers as Joanna Bankier and Per Ahlmark


Megilla-Förlaget: Svensk-judisk litteratur 17751994 (1995).

[Ilya Meyer (2nd ed.)]