Izraelita Magyar Irodalmi Társulat

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IZRAELITA MAGYAR IRODALMI TÁRSULAT (Imit ; "Jewish-Hungarian Literary Society," 1894–1950), literary society founded mainly at the urging of I. *Goldziher, S. Kohn, and I. *Loew, and its first president was Samuel *Kohn. According to the society's bylaws its main function was to publish an annual and a Hungarian translation of the Bible. The latter was published under the editorship of W. *Bacher, J. *Banoczi, and S. *Krauss (4 vols., 1898–1907). The annual, a publication of rich scholarly and literary merit, appeared in the years 1895–1918, 1929–43, and 1948. Its first editors were W. Bacher, F. *Mezey, and J. Banoczi. From 1929 S. *Szemere served as editor. In addition, the society published important monographs, such as, among others, M. Pollak, A zsidók története Sopronban ("History of the Jews in Sopron"); S. Buechler, A zsidók története Budapesten … ("History of the Jews in Budapest," 1901); Monumenta Hungariae Judaica (vols. 1–4, 1903–38).

The society arranged lecture series in Budapest and other cities. In 1909 the Jewish Museum of Budapest was established at the initiative of the society. In 1947 the society was reorganized, but in its new form it was short-lived.


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