Huna of Sepphoris

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HUNA OF SEPPHORIS (end of the third and beginning of the fourth centuries c.e.), Palestinian amora. R. Huna was a pupil of R. Johanan whose sayings he transmitted (rh 34b). Halakhic and aggadic statements of his are transmitted by various scholars in both the Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds, as well as in the Midrash (Yoma 77b; tj, Ta'an. 2:2, 65c; Kid. 1:1, 58c; Ex. R. 3:6). He was the author of the prayer "raḥem" (or "naḥem") recited during the afternoon service on the Ninth of Av (see tj, Ta'an. 2:2, 65c).


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[Zvi Kaplan]