Hugh of Fleury

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Historian, biographer; d. after 1118; not to be confused with Hugh of Fleury of Canterbury (d. 1124). Hugh was a Benedictine priest of Saint-Benoît-sur-Loire, who was known also as Hugh of Sainte-Marie. In 1109 he wrote a Historia ecclesiastica in four books, dedicated to Adela, Countess of Blois. In 1110 he reworked the Historia into six books, covering the period to 855. In about 1114, he wrote a chronicle of the kings of France, Modernorum regum Francorum liber (8421108). Sometime after 1102, he wrote a Tractatus de regia potestate et sacerdotali dignitate in two books, addressed to henry i of England. This work presented Hugh's stand in the in vestiture struggle, restating the divine rights of both royal and ecclesiastical authority. Besides the Vita sancti Sacerdotis, a biography of Bishop Sacerdos of Limoges, several other works have been attributed to him, including the De miraculis s. Benedicti.

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