Hirshberg, Jehoash

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HIRSHBERG, JEHOASH (Yehoash ; 1938– ), Israeli musicologist. In 1955–62 he studied violin and music theory at the Music Academy in Tel Aviv. He continued his education at the University of Pennsylvania (1966–71) where he wrote a Ph.D. thesis on the theme "The music of the late 14th century: a study in musical style" (1971). The same year he began teaching at the Department of Musicology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where he served as the head of the Institute of Arts and Letters (1993) and became professor of musicology (1995). His versatile research fields include 14th-century music, the origin of the early classical concerto in 18th-century Italy, the history of music in Palestine (1880–1946), Israeli music, and, in the realm of ethnomusicological research, the musical tradition of the Karaite community.

Among his numerous publications are three monographs connected with Israeli music, either as a whole (Music in the Jewish Community of Palestine 18801948: A Social History, Oxford University Press, 1995) or dedicated to prominent Israeli composers (Paul Ben-Haim: His Life and Works, Jerusalem, 1990, Alexander Uriah Boskovich: His Life, Works, and Ideas, in Hebrew, Jerusalem 1995, together with H *Schmueli); a monograph on the Italian concerto written by Hirshberg together with Simon McVeigh, The Italian Solo Concerto 17001760: Rhetorical Strategies and Style History (The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, 2004). These co-authors also published jointly a number of concerts by prominent Italian composers of the 18th century.



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