Herod II

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HEROD II (d. 48 c.e.), grandson of *Herod the Great and Mariamne the Hasmonean; son of Aristobulus and brother of *Agrippa i; king of Chalcis 41–48 c.e. The emperor Claudius granted Herod the kingdom of *Chalcis in the Lebanon in 41 c.e. In 45 c.e. he and Agrippa were successful in procuring the revocation of an order by the procurator Fadus Cuspius who wanted to assume custody of the vestments of the high priest. After the death of Agrippa in 44 c.e. Herod was given charge of the Temple administration and the treasury and authorized to appoint the high priests. He deposed Elionaeus son of Cantheras, appointing instead Joseph son of Camei, and subsequently Ananias son of Nedebeus. In 50 c.e. Herod's kingdom and the right to appoint the high priests were transferred to his nephew, Agrippa ii. Herod's son Aristobulus was king of Lesser Armenia and later of Chalcidice.


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