Heller, Theodor

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HELLER, THEODOR (1869–1935), Austrian psychologist. Heller, who was born in Vienna, was among the pioneers of Heilpaedagogik, a form of clinical psychology devoted to the application of therapeutic techniques in an educational framework, operating generally under Freudian thought and theory. He founded the Heilpaedagogische Anstalt in Vienna, and wrote Grundriss der Heilpaedagogik (1904; 19253). His research covered the fields of child, adolescent, abnormal, and educational psychology. His published works include Studien zur Blindenpsychologie (1904), Paedagogische Therapie fuer praktische Aerzte (1914), and Ueber Psychologie und Psychopathologie des Kindes (1911; 19252). He was coeditor of Enzyklopaedisches Handbuch des Kinderschutzes und der Jugendfuersorge (2 vols., 1911).


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