Hellinck, Lupus (Wulfaert)

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Hellinck, Lupus (Wulfaert)

Hellinck, Lupus (Wulfaert), important Flemish composer; b. c. 1496; d. Bruges, Jan. 14?, 1541. He was a choirboy at St. Donatian in Bruges (1506–11), then verger there (1513–15). After studying for the priesthood, he returned there as an installed cleric (1519). He then was maître de chapelle at Notre Dame there (1521–23), and subsequently at St. Donatian from 1523. His output was widely dispersed in his day. Among his finest works are 13 parody masses. He also composed motets, chorales, chansons, and Flemish songs. See J. Wolf, ed., Newe deudsche geistliche Gesenge, 1544 in Denkmäler Deutscher Tonkunst, XXXIV (1908).


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire