Hellman, Lillian: Principal Works

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The Children's Hour (play) 1934

Days to Come (play) 1936

The Little Foxes (play) 1939

Watch on the Rhine (play) 1941

The Searching Wind (play) 1944

Another Part of the Forest (play) 1946

Montserrat [adapted from the play by Emmanuel Roblès] (play) 1949

The Autumn Garden (play) 1951

The Lark [adapted from the play by Jean Anouilh] (play) 1955

Candide [adapted from the novel by François Marie Arouet de Voltaire] (play) 1956

Toys in the Attic (play) 1960

My Mother, My Father, and Me [adapted from the novel How Much? by Burt Blechman] (play) 1963

An Unfinished Woman: A Memoir (memoir) 1969

The Collected Plays (plays) 1972

Pentimento: A Book of Portraits (memoir) 1973

Scoundrel Time (memoir) 1976

Maybe: A Story (memoir) 1980

Eating Together: Recipes and Recollections [with Peter Feibleman] (nonfiction) 1984

Conversations with Lillian Hellman (interviews) 1986