Helentrudis, St.

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Recluse in Neuenheerse (Westphalia) known also as Helmtrud or Hiltrud; d. c. 950. Her name was entered into the martyrology of Bp. Imad of Paderborn in 1052. According to the first Passio of St. ursula (written c. 975), Helentrudis was "visited" by St. Cordula, one of the 11,000 virgins allegedly massacred by the Huns in Cologne. In this vision to Helentrudis, Cordula described her martyrdom so that it might become known to the world. Another Ursula legend, the Regnante Domino, relates that pilgrimages were made to Helentrudis's grave and miracles took place there.

Feast: May 31; Oct. 22.

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Helentrudis, St.

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