Helfert, Vladimir

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Helfert, Vladimir

Helfert, Vladimir, distinguished Czech musicologist; b. Plânice, near Klatovy, March 24, 1886; d. Prague, May 18, 1945. He took courses in history and geography at the Univ. of Prague, and then studied musicology with Kretzschmar, Stumpf, and Wolf at the Univ. of Berlin (1906–07); completed his studies with Hostinsky at the Univ. of Prague (Ph.D., 1908, with the diss. Jin Benda a Jean Rousseau). He was active as a history and geography teacher in Prague until 1919. He then moved to Brno, where he became a lecturer (1921), docent (1926), and prof, of musicology (1931) at the Univ. He was founder-ed. of the Musica Antiqua Bohemica series, as well as ed. of several journals. He founded the Baroque, Classical, and Janacek collections at the Moravian Museum, and also conducted the amateur Brno Orchestrami Sdruzeni. He was arrested by the Nazis in 1940 and held in Breslau until 1943; then was rearrested in 1945 and taken to the Terezin concentration camp, where he contracted typhus; he died a few days after his liberation.


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—Nicolas Slonimsky/Laura Kuhn/Dennis McIntire