Haymarus Monachus

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Florentine monk, Patriarch of Jerusalem, and poet;d. 1202. He was the author of the De expugnatione civitatis Acconensis (De expugnata Accone liber tetrastichus ), a poem first printed by John Basil Herold in the appendix to his continuation of william of tyre (Basel 1549). Herold identified the author as Monachus, a Florentine, who was bishop of Acre. Paul Riant gave him the full title of Haymarus Monachus de Florentia. Since Monachus was also a common Florentine name, there has been some disagreement among scholars about his identity. It is generally believed that he was a monk of Corbizzi in Florence, who became chancellor of Jerusalem in 1171, archbishop of Caesarea from 1181 to 1192, and patriarch of Jerusalem from 1192 to 1202. Since Jerusalem was then occupied by the Muslims, Haymarus established his residence in Acre; hence the confusion with Acre. His poem was edited by William Stubbs. Monachus is also credited with the Narratio patriarchae or De viribus Agarenorum, written in 1199 at the request of Innocent III, and later incorporated into the De sancta cruce of jacques de vitry.

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