Harent, Étienne

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Theologian; b. Gex, France, Dec. 25, 1845; d. Dôle, Feb. 5, 1927. He entered the Jesuits in 1864, and later taught dogmatic theology at Meld in 1883, at Lyons in 1899, at Canterbury in 1901, and at Ore-Place-Hastings in 1906. His theological treatises De vera religione, De fide, De ecclesia, De gratia, and De ordine have been published many times. He published also studies in various reviews, and is especially remembered for the important monographs he wrote on belief, faith, hope, and salvation of the infidels for the Dictionnaire de théologie catholique, and for his article on the papacy in the Dictionnaire apologétique de la foi catholique. Although Harent is chiefly remembered as a scholastic theologian, he took an interest also in history and religious psychology.

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