Harem 1999

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Harem ★★ Harem Suare 1999 (R)

Exotic but not particularly erotic saga of young beauty Safiye (Gillain) who is sold as a concubine to the Sultan of the Ottoman Empire. She becomes his favorite and official wife but this does not prevent her from turning to palace eunuch Nadir (Descas) for affection. Nor does it protect Safiye or the rest of the harem's women when the empire falls, the Sultan flees to Europe, and the women are abandoned to fend for themselves. Turkish, French, and Italian with subtitles. 107m/C VHS, DVD . IT Marie Gillain, Alex Descas, Valeria Golino, Lucia Bose; D: Ferzan Ozpetek; W: Ferzan Ozpetek, Gianni Romoli; C: Pasquale Mari; M: Aldo De Scalzi.