Ha-Parnas, Sefer

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HA-PARNAS, SEFER (Heb. סֵפֶר הַפַּרְנָס), work by Moses Parnas, one of the pupils of *Meir b. Baruch of Rothenburg, who lived in the first half of the 14th century. Almost nothing is known of its author. His work was well known to the scholars of Germany in the 15th century, such as Jacob *Moellin, Joseph *Colon, Israel *Isserlein, and Israel *Bruna. It was afterward lost, but was published in 1891 with notes by David *Luria as far as section 17, as well as those of its publisher, Moses Samuel Horowitz. This book is very typical of the works belonging to "the school of Meir of Rothenburg," and its author cites traditions, customs, rulings, and teachings of his master based both upon what he himself had seen, as well as culled and abridged from other collections, such as Tashbeẓ by Samson b. Zadok.


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