Gotti, Vincenzo Lodovico

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Dominican philosopher, theologian, apologist, cardinal priest of St. Sixtus, and patriarch of Jerusalem; b. Bologna, Sept. 5, 1664; d. Rome, Sept. 18, 1742. The son of Jacob Gotti, professor of law at the University of Bologna, he entered the order at 16 and studied philosophy at Forli and theology at Salamanca. He lectured in philosophy at Mantua, the Roman College of St. Thomas (Minerva), and Bologna, and in theology at Faenza and Bologna. Gotti was three times prior of the Dominican convent at Bologna and twice provincial of the Lombardy province. His first significant work in apologetics dates from his two-year sojourn in Milan (171517) as inquisitor general; entitled La vera chiesa di Cristo (Bologna 1719, 1750; Milan 1734), this is a systematic treatise refuting the errors of the Swiss Calvinist minister Jacques Picenini. On April 30, 1728, Pope Benedict XIII named him titular patriarch of Jerusalem and added him to the college of cardinals, conferring the red hat on June 10 of the same year. In addition to his administrative duties as a member of no fewer than ten sacred congregations, Gotti continued writing on questions of clerical reform and in defense of the authority of the pope. In all his works the apologetical method predominated; he drew his dogmatic defense against Jansenistic, sectarian heresies from the writings of St. Thomas Aquinas.

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