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FREIMANN , family of rabbis and scholars, isaac freimann (d. 1886), who was born in Cracow, edited from a manuscript Abraham b. Ḥiyya's Hegyon ha-Nefesh ha-Aẓuvah (1860). His son israel meir freimann (1830–1884) served as rabbi at Filehne (Wielen) and Ostrowo (Ostrow-Wielkopolski, both in Poznania), and declined an invitation to succeed Z. Frankel as head of the Breslau Jewish Theological Seminary. He prepared a critical edition of Midrash Ve-Hizhir (1875–80), and responsa of his were published in Binyan Ẓiyyon (1868), the responsa collection of his father-in-law Jacob Ettlinger, and elsewhere. His son was Aron *Freimann, his nephew and son-in-law was Jacob *Freimann, and Abraham (Alfred) *Freimann was his grandson.

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