Folcwin, St.

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Bishop of Thérouanne; b. late eighth century; d. Ekelsbecke, on the Ysar, France, Dec. 14, 855. A member of an illegitimate branch of the carolingian dynasty, he became bishop of Thérouanne, Pas-de-Calais, France, c. 81617. As bishop he attended the Synod of Paris (846) and those at quiercy (849) and Soissons (853). In 843 he was responsible for bringing the relics of St. omer of thÉrouanne to the Abbey of saint-bertin. Folcwin was buried there, and his body was translated in 928 and again in 1181. The bishop's life was written in the 10th century by a monk of Saint-Bertin, also named folcwin, who later became abbot of Lobbes.

Feast: Dec. 14.

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