Foley, (Mary) Louise Munro

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FOLEY, (Mary) Louise Munro

FOLEY, (Mary) Louise Munro. American/Canadian, b. 1933. Genres: Novels, Mystery/Crime/Suspense, Children's fiction, Young adult fiction, Plays/Screenplays, Social work, Theology/Religion, Writing/Journalism. Career: California State University, Sacramento, Institute for Human Service Mgmt., editor of publs., 1975-80. Publications: The Caper Club, 1969; No Talking, 1970; Sammy's Sister, 1970; A Job for Joey, 1970; Somebody Stole Second, 1972; Tackle 22, 1978; The Train of Terror, 1982; The Sinister Studies of KESP-TV, 1983; The Lost Tribe, 1983; The Mystery of the Highland Crest, 1984; The Mystery of Echo Lodge, 1985; Danger at Anchor Mine, 1985; Forest of Fear, 1986; The Mardi Gras Mystery, 1987; Mystery of the Sacred Stones, 1988; Australia, 1988; The Cobra Connection, 1989; Ghost Train, 1992; Thief! said the Cat, 1992; Blood! said the Cat, 1992; Poison! said the Cat, 1992; In Search of the Hidden Statue, 1993; Moving Target, 1993; Stolen Affections, 1995; Running into Trouble, 1996; My Substitute Teacher's Gone Batty, 1996; The Bird-Brained Fiasco, 1996; The Phoney-Baloney Professor, 1996; The Catnap Cat-astrophe, 1997; Ordinary Sinners, 2003. EDITOR: Stand Close to the Door, 1976; Women in Skilled Labor, 1980. Address: 5010 Jennings Way, Sacramento, CA 95819, U.S.A.