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Flying Saucer Groups


Aetherius Society

6202 Afton Pl.
Hollywood, CA 90028

The Aetherius Society was begun in London in 1954 by George King, medium and long-time student of occultism and yoga. He was told to prepare himself to become the voice of the Interplanetary Parliament. In 1955, he was named by Master Aetherius of Venus as the "primary terrestrial mental channel." Since that time, he has regularly channeled messages form Aetherius and the Master Jesus. They and other members of the Great White Brotherhood oversee the activities of the Society. A center was opened in Los Angeles within a year of the first messages. King's teachings are the focus of the Society.

According to the Aetherius Society, earth is engaged in a cosmic warfare focused on the activities of certain "black magicians" seeking to enslave man. The cosmic brotherhood, the space hierarchy, wages war on these magicians. Members of the Society cooperate with the Brotherhood by channeling spiritual energy to particular concerns. Channeling activities are centered on certain periods when a space ship orbits earth and sends out special power. These periods are termed "spiritual pushes," and all members help direct the energy. These pushes are typically given military titles, such as Operation Bluewater, which ended on November 27, 1976. During this operation, the cosmic masters poured vital spiritual power into a psychic center through a spiritual-power radiating instrument at sea.

Still celebrated is Operation Starlight, begun at Holdstone Down in England in 1958 and continued for three years and one month. During this time, King, directed by a vision of the Master Jesus, climbed eighteen designated mountains to charge them with spiritual power, to be used by anyone making a pilgrimage to them. August 23 is the date of the annual convention.

The most important date in the annual calendar is July 8, commemorating the 1964 initiation of earth by a gigantic space ship and the ship's manipulation of cosmic energies. Other days in the annual calendar are King's birthday, the end of Operation Karma-light (a phase of Armageddon) and the Master Jesus' birthday. The push dates are announced annually and are usually for periods of three to four weeks.

As described by King, the Interplanetary Parliament is headquartered on Saturn, the tribunal of the solar system. The agents from Mars and Venus are making a metaphysical survey of earth. The saucers have also saved earth from the damage of terrestrial scientists to earth's ionosphere.

King has accepted consecration as an archbishop through the Independent Liberal Catholic Church headed by Richard Earl Quinn. He has also received a number of titles and awards, most of them conferred by the "cosmic" sources or the Society which he heads. He has been a prolific writer, the author of several books and numerous pamphlets, all published by the Aetherius Society.

Membership: Not reported, but in 1987 the Cosmic Voice newsletter reported a circulation of 650 copies. There are two centers of the society in the United States, one in Hollywood and one in Detroit, Michigan. Several hundred members are involved. The Society has several centers in England.

Periodicals: Cosmic Voice. • Spiritual Healing Bulletin.


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Ashtar Command

Current address not obtained for this edition.

In 1980 Thelma B. Terrell, through the publication of the book World Messages for the Coming Decade, announced that she had been in contact with a group of space beings known collectively as the Ashtar Command. They described themselves as residing in a set of thousands of spaceships that hovered above the planet. Through Tuella, the name assumed by Terrell as a channel for the members of the Ashtar Command, the command asserted its desire to speak with world leaders concerning the crisis of the planet. The command explained that it acted as representatives of the Intergalactic Council that derived its authority from the spiritual hierarchy of the solar system. A number of the members of this council and hierarchy were previously known and described by theosophists as members of the theosophical spiritual hierarchy. The head of the hierarchy as described in the material channeled by Tuella is Sananda, better known as Jesus Christ.

While concerned about the imminent world crisis, members of the council are forbidden to interfere in the life of the planet without the approval of the governments, but have to date been unable to confer with such leadership.

According to the command, the planet is soon to go through a period of cleansing, to begin with a tilting of the earth and widespread destruction, and then to enter a new age of Light. The Ashtar Command has as part of its mission the evacuation of those souls who are already walking in the light, during this period of cleansing. The program of world evacuation was announced in Tuella's second book. The sign of the coming transition will be the tilting of the earth's axis. As the tilting begins, the computers on the spaceships will lock on the people of Light and lift them off the planet along with the children–those not yet old enough to be accountable. The command wants to meet with the governments to facilitate the most orderly evacuation.

The head of the mission to earth is Ashtar, a space being first channeled and made famous by George Van Tassel, founder of the Ministry of Universal Wisdom. In the intervening years, a number of contactees have brought forth messages from Ashtar, including Oscar Magocsi, Ethel B. Hill, Franklin Thomas, and European contactee Eugenio Siragusa.

Guardian Action Publications was founded to publish and disseminate the messages of the Ashtar command. Along with the several books produced through the 1980s, a newsletter, Ashtar's Golden Circle, was also issued. In 1988, Ashtar made it known that his work of announcing the mission and the future cataclysm and evacuation had been completed. He would retire until the time of the evacuation. In the meantime, Tuella would continue to disseminate the message to those who had yet to hear and concentrate on working directly with Sananda in bringing forth energies from the spiritual hierarchy, from the very throne of the Father Mother God, to the people of the planet. This new work was signaled by the first issue of a new periodical, The Throne Connection.

Membership: Not reported.

Periodicals: The Throne Connection.


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Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara

Box 35
Mount Shasta, CA 96067

The Association of Sananda and Sanat Kumara is headed by Sister Thedra (Dorothy Martin), for many years a channel for the ascended masters. Very early in her career, she became the object of a famous sociological study, When Prophecy Fails. She also reports that in 1954 that she was healed and restored to a life of usefulness by Sananda, an ascended master, and she was instructed to go to Peru and Bolivia, where for the next five years she experienced great trials and tribulations. She spent some time at the monastery established by the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays headed by George Hunt Williamson. During this period she lived with the natives, observing and experiencing their hardships, squalor and unbelievable poverty. Through this period of training under the tutelage of the masters, she learned the "true meaning of divine love towards human beings, regardless of their status in life." The ensuing years were interspersed with moments of ecstastic communication with the masters–Sibors, the Elohim (council of Gods), John the Beloved, the Angel Moroni (mentioned in the Book of Mormon), beings from other planets, and, primarily, Sananda, who most people know as the Christ. Thedra was given the prediction of the reincarnation of the Angel Moroni, which occurred in 1965. The child was to begin to manifest his powers in August, 1975.

While still in Peru, Thedra began to send the inspired messages back to interested people in the United States. Through her, Christ continues to reveal and call out to those who wish wholeheartedly to come to Him. These people will be sibored–illumines of the Father. A sibor is a teacher in the higher realms.

Sister Thedra returned to the United States from South America in 1961 and established the association in 1965. The material channeled through her is sent across the United States and to a number of foreign countries to those students who request it. The basic material is contained in three sets of material: "The Sibors Portions," "The Fundamentals," and "The Order of Melchezdek." These are constantly supplemented by ongoing revelation from the masters. In 1985, the association hosted the first annual Gathering of the Children of Light, a convocation of individuals who receive Sister Thedra's material and/or are related to similar groups.

Membership: The association does not keep statistics on the number of students who regularly request material channeled by Sister Thedra. It is estimated to be in the thousands. There is one center in Mt. Shasta.

Educational Facilities: University of Melchezedek, Castleton, Virginia.


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Blue Rose Ministry

Blue Rose Starlight Spiritual Center
Box 332
Cornville, AZ 86325

The Blue Rose Ministry was founded by Robert E. Short, a channel for flying saucer entities. Short became a channel in the 1960s and emerged into public notice in 1967 at the contactee convention at Giant Rock, California, hosted by George Van Tassel. On Saturday evening, October 14, as Short was being introduced to the assembled audience, a reddish-orange craft flew overhead and was seen by all for approximately two minutes. Short then channeled a message from "Korton," who described himself as a resident of the planet Jupiter who flew over Earth in a mother ship. The light the people saw was described as a space craft from that mother ship. While Korton is the main entity who speaks through Short, others also at times have spoken.

The goal of the ministry is the preparation and closer atunement with all enlightened being in the cosmos. Short has authored several books and his lectures are available on audio tapes. He also conducts private channeling consultations. The ministry has periodic Solar Space Circle seminars.

Membership: Not reported. The ministry has two centers, one in Cornville, Arizona, and one in Joshua Tree, California.

Periodicals: Solar Space-Letter.


Brotherhood of the Seven Rays


Among the early contactees was George Hunt Williamson (1926-1986), an archeologist and student of Theosophical literature. He and his wife were among those who watched from a distance as George Adamski made his first contact with a Venusian in the California desert on November 12, 1952. Then, in 1953, Williamson published his own story, The Saucers Speak, in which he claimed contact with Martians by way of automatic writing (writing what a spirit dictates) as early as August 2, 1952. The messages were, initially, from Kadar Laqu, the head of the Interplanetary Council-Circle. The messages called for cooperation to prevent the death of human civilization. The Telonic Research Center was established by Williamson to study the new science of space-visitation.

All of Williamson's interests were brought together in the Brotherhood of the Seven Rays. Besides contact with the space beings, Williamson had been in touch with the ascended masters, those mysterious beings first described by Guy Ballard, founder of the "I AM" Religious Activity. As early as 1955, Lake Titicaca had been mentioned as a sanctuary of the Great White Brotherhood, the hierarchy of ascended masters who were once human and who now as spirits teach humans about spiritual realities. In 1956, it was decided that an outer retreat of the sanctuary (as well as the others around the world) would be established by dedicated individuals. The inner sanctuaries for full-fledged members date to the submergence of Lemuria, when the secrets of that advanced civilization were deposited in secluded centers the world over. Araru-Muru, now an ascended master in the spirit world, was in charge of Titicaca. The other retreat, or abbey, was to be located near the inner sanctuary on the Peruvian side of Lake Titicaca, and was to have priories at spots around the world as contact points with the populace.

In December, 1956, Williamson, under his religious name, Brother Philip, and others made a trip to Peru to establish the Abbey of the Seven Rays, Lord Muru's primary outer retreat. The expedition extended through most of 1957. The ruins of the area were viewed as partially the result of contact and cooperation between the Great White Brotherhood and the space masters. The contact has continued, and is focused in the Brotherhood of the Abbey. It was Williamson's belief that "the space confederation has a gigantic base there near the remains of the lost cities," which survived from the time of the original contacts.

The Brotherhood of the Seven Rays, referring to the spectrum of light rays administered by the ascended masters, was established at the time of the destruction of Lemuria between 10,000 and 12,000 B.C., but not until 1956 did it have outward expression in a monastic system in which students could come together. Since each student would be most attuned to one of the seven rays, the grouping of students would bring a harmony of the seven colors symbolic of the spiritual life of the monastery. The monastery was established in the 1960s and continued into the 1970s. Students who came to live at the center in Peru had to accept the cosmic Christ as one who came to earth and who is due to return in the near future. The Essene way of life–meditation, fasting, and contemplation–was followed. The communal meal, or supper, of the Essenes was observed daily. Novices underwent water-baptism by immersion before becoming friars and were anointed with oil before becoming monks. No narcotics or stimulants (including chocolate) were used, and monks were vegetarians. Hair was worn long. Both sexes were welcome to all levels, and marriage was acceptable.

Associated with the Brotherhood were its two orders. The Order of the Red Hand was dedicated to the preservation of the arcane knowledge through the ages, particularly through the Scriptorium at the Monastery in Peru. The Ancient Amethystine Order was the prime group associated with the Brotherhood and has reference to the vibrations of the seventh ray of violet, into which the earth is moving. Its hoped-for effects were to be the cure of humanity's ills and earth's drunken state. United States headquarters of Williamson's small following was in Corpus Christi, Texas.

Remarks: It was Williamson's claim that his real name was Michael d'Obrenovic and that he was a descendent of a Yugoslavian royal family. During the last years of his life, Williamson reasserted that claim and, as Michael Djorde Milan d'Obrenovic, was consecrated to the episcopacy by an unnamed bishop claiming orders from the Nestorian (Syro-Chaldean) Church. He moved to Santa Barbara, California and established an independent jurisdiction called the Holy Apostolic Catholic Church, Syro-Chaldean Diocese of Santa Barbara and Central California. There was but one small parish which existed for several years in the early 1980s.

Williamson was also profiled in several issues of Who's Who in which he claimed degrees from at least three institutions of higher learning which deny ever having issued degrees to him.


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Cosmic Circle of Fellowship

4857 N. Melvina Ave.
Chicago, IL 60630

The Cosmic Circle of Fellowship was formed in 1954 by William A. Ferguson, Edward A. Surine, and Edna I. Valverde and was incorporated in Illinois in 1955. Ferguson, a former mail carrier, learned the techniques of absolute relaxation and became adept at relaxing his body, mind, and conscious spirit. In 1937, he wrote Relax First and later began to teach relaxation techniques to others.

Ferguson reported that, on July 9, 1938, while lying on his sofa in a state of absolute relaxation, his body was charged by a powerful Current of Life–Pure Intelligent Energy–and carried away to the Seventh Dimension. During his two-hour stay in the Seventh Dimension, he held the key to all knowledge and his soul became illuminated. Upon his return back to the Earth's Third Dimension (normal waking consciousness), he found that his physical body was no longer on the sofa, and, according to the account, he could not be seen nor heard by his wife and his friend. He placed his noncorporal being back on the sofa, and soon he regained his physical, three-dimensional form.

Ferguson claimed that he experienced the Sixth Dimension on July 16 of the following week, when he was carried away to the center of all Creation. There he saw Creation in action–the rays of Pure Intelligent Energy were of all forms and colors and were flowing throughout a cube of Pure Universal Substance. Other experiences were to follow.

According to Ferguson, in 1947, Khauga, the chief uniphysicist of our solar system, took Furguson on a trip to Mars. Upon his return to Earth, members of his family and a friend could neither see nor hear him. In his eagerness to tell his experience, he had not first allowed himself to return to three dimensions. Realizing what was occurring, he went into the next room, lay on a cot, and was transformed into three dimensions. He then went into the next room and told his account.

Ferguson reported that the matter of the physical body had been raised into a four-dimensional frequency, and that he had been teleported to Mars at the speed of consciousness. He returned with a message that the Martians were sending an expedition to Earth. Within a few months, many UFOs were reported, and several people claimed that they had made personal contacts with their inhabitants.

In 1954, Ferguson revealed that he was taken aboard a Venusian spacecraft and given a message from the Oligarchs of Venus for the people of earth. They noted that spacecraft normally function in four dimensions (and are hence invisible), but can also function in three dimensions by changing their frequency or their density. When they disappear suddenly, they have merely changed back into the fourth dimension.

In the 1940s, Ferguson began to gather a group primarily related to the cosmic healing techniques and the "clarified water device" taught to Ferguson by Khauga. The device, thought to impart healing properties to water, got Ferguson in trouble with the American Medical Association. Eventually, he was convicted of fraud in 1947 and served a year in prison. Upon his return from prison, he decided to go public with his story and organized the Cosmic Circle. In 1958, he commenced a journey to found circles in other cities, gaining a following in Washington, Philadelphia, New York, and San Francisco.

According to Ferguson, at the center of creation are the Father and Mother of creation. A sphere of pure intelligent energy exists inside a cube of pure universal substances. Creation commences as the rays of life of the Father impregnate the substance of the Mother. Khauga is described as the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, the angel who gave the Book of Revelation to St. John, a perfected being from the Holy Triune. Khauga is the leader in the Universal Brotherhood of the Sons of the Father, members of which are drawn from the various solar systems. They are preparing earth for the next evolutionary step–the second coming of Jesus.

Members believe that a war of consciousness, symbolized by the war in heaven of Revelation 12, has been created as man makes the next step in evolution. As the New Age comes in, the dragon of materialism and evil will be overthrown. It will be replaced as man is lifted into a fourth-dimensional consciousness. Ferguson had been a long-time teacher of relaxation, and his techniques remain the major way to consciousness expansion.

Ferguson died in 1967. Leadership passed to the Chicago group, which still publishes his booklets. Associated with it is the Cosmic Study Center, headed by Cloe Driscoll of Potomac, Maryland.

Membership: In 2002, the circle reported 41 members in the Chicago area.


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Cosmic Star Temple

Current address not obtained for this edition.

The Cosmic Star Temple was founded in 1960 by Violet Gilbert of Santa Barbara, California, who claims that her first contact with the space brothers was in 1937. Prior to that time, she was a student of Theosophy and "I AM" Religious Activity, and is described as having a "rich background of service for the Brotherhood since childhood." As an adult, she was made aware of the space brothers in 1937 and in January, 1939, after an eight-month preparation, she was given a three-and-one-half-week excursion to Venus. This trip was a physical visit. Her initial contact had been arranged by her previous teachers, following a request for healing. She received a complete physical healing. Since her initial visit, she has returned in the astral (not physically, but through her consciousness). She also acquired a control, Dr. Winston of the Ashtar Command. Her first trip to Mars was in 1955. She was not allowed to go public until 1960.

While on Venus, she was given instructions in healing, which forms a major aspect of the Temple's works, and in reading the Akashic records. (The Akashic records are the records of all that has happened, and are inscribed on the "universal ethers.") Mrs. Gilbert reads the Akashic records of individuals, which give information about their previous incarnations. The teachings of the Temple are eclectic and include material from the New Thought metaphysics, Spiritualism and the dominant Theosophy. Colorhealing has become a major emphasis.

Mrs. Gilbert teaches that the coming of the space brothers is entirely beneficient. Their overall purpose is to keep us from destroying ourselves and to share their advanced knowledge. Mankind now is in a transition to a new age and is currently experiencing a cleansing in preparation.

Membership: Not reported.


Gilbert, Violet. "Love Is All." Grants Pass, OR: Cosmic Star Temple, 1969.

——. My Trip to Venus. Grants Pass, OR: Cosmic Star Temple, 1968.


Delval UFO, Inc.

948 Almshouse Rd.
Ivyland, PA 18974

Delval UFO, Inc. is a New Age UFO contactee group founded in 1972 by its current directors, Anthony Volpe and Lynn Volpe. Members seek to commune with the Space Brothers and Sisters on all levels of existence. They hope to be an instrument in the process of preparing humanity for the New Age, which is seen as imminent.

There is one group which meets monthly at the Pennsylvania headquarters. Through its periodical, the group maintains contact with people across the United States, Canada, and Japan.

Membership: In 1992 Delval UFO reported 400 members in the United States and additional adherents in Japan and Australia.

Periodicals: Awakening.


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Extraterrestrial Earth Mission

Current address not obtained for this edition.

The organization today known as Extraterrestrial Earth Mission can be traced to March 3, 1986, when an extraterrestrial spirit named Avinash walked into the body of a person named John in the Mission's literature. John was a channel and teacher of metaphysics in the Seattle, Washington, suburb of Bellevue. He had previously been channeling an entity named Elihu.

The concept of a "walk-in" was popularized by Ruth Montgomery, who described situations in which the spirit of an individual would, for whatever reason, abandon a body and a disem-bodied spirit would walk-in and take over. In that change, the memory of the person who left would remain, but the personality of the new entity would take over. Thus it was that Avinash walked-in and took over John's body. Shortly after Avinash appeared, he moved to Hawaii. He was accompanied by a second walk-in, a female named Alezsha. In Hawaii they met a third walk-in, Ashtridia. During the remainder of 1986, the primary teaching that is channeled by Avinash, concerns the concept of mastery of limitation. The universe, he taught, tended to rearrange itself according to one's concept of reality. By changing one's reality, removing a sense of limitation, the world began to change.

The three also have contact with a huge extradimensional spaceship resulting in their becoming conscious of their ability to operate in other dimensions. Before the year is out, the three decided to move to Sedona, Arizona. Soon after relocating they met a fourth walk-in, Arthea. Avinash and Arthea soon discovered that they were divine design mates, i.e., a couple divinely created to work together. Through 1987 the group of walk-ins grew to 12 but disbanded as each found their mission elsewhere. By October, only Avinash, Arthea, and a third person, Alana, remained.

The three remaining people would experience what is not a totally unique occurrence, but certainly an uncommon one. Over the next years a series of new entities would walk-in to their body and others depart; thus the same body would become known by different names. Thus John, now known as Avinash, would soon become known as Aktivar, Alarius, Savizar, and most recently ZaviRah. Arthea became known as Akria, Polaria, Silarra, and most recently Ziva'rah. Alana became known as Akrista and then as Tantra. It is believed that each of these names refer to an extraterrestrial person who inhabits the body of the earth person. The emergence of Aktivar, Akria, and Akrista occurred at the end of the summer of 1987. During the last three months of 1987 into 1988, these three entities toured the United States during which time Extraterrestrial Earth Mission began to make an initial public impact. The three made a videotape on humanity's role as co-creators of heaven on earth and a series of cassette tapes aimed at overcoming particular individual dysfunctionalities.

In March 1988 a new phase of work began when Aktivar, Akria, and Akrista left and were replaced by three new walk-ins, Alarius, Polaria, and Tantra. Shortly thereafter Tantra exited from the trio and began to work separately. Alarius and Polaria described their work as temporary, preparing the way for Savizar and Silarra. Under the guidance of the couple known as Savizar and Silarra, Extraterrestrial Earth Mission matured into a New Age organization announcing the planetary shift of humans from dense physical bodies into bodies of light. According to Savizar and Silarra, there are many masters present on the earth today. It was their job to awaken these masters to the nature of their true selves and to cooperate with them in the co-creation of a new earth. Assisting in this process, the pair taught the superconscious technique, which, when used, allows people to manifest their desires by altering their picture of reality.

In 1990, Savizar and Silarra were replaced by ZaviRah and Ziva'rah. Each change is believed to announce a new phase in the mission. In this case, the newcomers represented a change from an exclusive emphasis on opening and awakening to one of mobilization. Those who have been awakened to their true nature should begin the process of creation and manifestation. In 1993 Zavirah and Ziva'rah were replaced by Drakar and Zrendar, and very soon after their appearance Extraterrestrial Earth Mission moved from Arizona to Hawaii. Included in the new phase of the mission is the ChristStar Project, the work of a group of people on Maui to built a prototype of the new civilization. Public events have been developed to present techniques (usable technologies) of consciousness that assist individuals to see the divinity is all life and to manifest their own role as co-creators of Heaven on Earth.

In response to the lectures, workshops, and the printed, audio, and video material published by the mission, groups have formed around the United States and Canada to share in the mission's work. Currently, ChristStar Project Mastery Events are being held at which many extraterrestrial entities speak through Drakar and Zrendar to the assembled group. Extraterrestrial Earth Mission has been chartered through the Universal Life Church in Arizona.

Membership: Not reported.

Periodicals: ChristStar.


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GAF International/Adamski Foundation

Box 1722
Vista, CA 92085

The first person to become widely known for his claims to having talked to the beings who flew the flying saucers and who taught what was purported to be their wisdom was George Adamski (1891-1965). On November 20, 1952, he claimed to have conversed with a human-like man from Venus, the first of several contacts and subsequently wrote three of the most popular flying saucer books ever penned: Flying Saucers Have Landed (coauthored with Desmond Leslie);Inside the Space Ships (reprintedas Inside the Flying Saucers); and Flying Saucers Farewell (reprinted as Behind the Flying Saucer Mystery). The two most important of the several groups which emerged to perpetuate his teachings were the now former George Adamski Foundation and the UFO Education Center.

Polish-born Adamski first assumed a role as a metaphysical teacher in the 1930s when he issued several publications from the Royal Order of Tibet, an order which he claimed to represent and for whom he lectured. He was also briefly associated with the Order of Loving Service, another metaphysical group centered on Laguna Beach, California. For many years he lived in Southern California and lectured to interested audiences.

Soon after his contact with the space people and his first two books appeared (1953 and 1955), Adamski attained a broad following among people not only interested in his contact stories, but the wisdom which the space brothers had to offer. In 1957 he organized his following into the International Get Acquainted Club. The next year his metaphysical teachings, the cosmic wisdom of the saucer people, began to appear first in a telepathy course and then in its more systematic form in Cosmic Philosophy (1961) and the Science of Life Study Course (1964).

Adamski, while a popular lecturer, was not organizationlly minded. He turned his early organization over to C. A. Honey, who broke with Adamski shortly before his death. However, in 1965, Alice Wells (d. 1980), Adamski's daughter, and Charlotte Blob, his secretary and editor, both formed organizations to keep his teachings alive. GAF International brought together the largest group of Adamski followers. After Wells' death, Fred Steckling, a longtime associate of Adamski, became head of the Foundation. The UFO Education Center with headquarters in Valley Center, California and Appleton, Wisconsin has a similar program to to the Foundation.

Membership: Not reported.

Remarks: Adamski was plagued throughout his life by charges of fraud. In the 1950s several expose articles claimed that Adamski had faked the photographs he claimed to have taken of the flying saucers. Noting the resemblance of his Inside the Space Ships to a science fiction novel he wrote in the 1940s led to further accusations. The most damaging attack upon Adamski's credibility came from his close associate, C. A. Honey. He published material from Adamski's own copy of Royal Order of Tibet materials (edited for reissuance in the Science of Life Study Course) as if it originated from the space brothers.


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Interplanetary Connections

℅ Bashar Tapes, Inc.
7210 Jordan Ave., Ste. B53
Canoga Park, CA 91301

Interplanetary Connections is the organization promoting the channeling activity of Darryl Anka. Anka, the brother of singer Paul Anka, is an illustrator and designer who began to channel two entities, Bashar and Anima, in 1983. Previously he had been reading on mediumship and sitting in a class learning how to be a medium. Bashar and Anima are thought of as beings from an extraterrestrial society that communicates totally by telepathy. They do not have names in the same way that humans do, so they simply chose two names for the sake of convenience. Bashar is an Arabic word meaning commander, and Anima is a Jungian psychological term referring to the feminine aspect expressed through a masculine individual.

Twice in a single week in the early 1970s–each time in the company of other people–Anka saw a flying space craft at relatively close range. He described it as being triangular in shape and approximately 40 feet on each side and eight feet thick. However, it was a decade later–when Bashar began to channel through Anka–that he concluded that the craft he saw was in fact Bashar's spaceship.

Bashar proclaimed he was from the planet Essassani, located approximately 500 light years away in the direction of the constellation Orion. However, the planet is located in a different dimension, and its solar system is thus invisible to normal sight. Bashar described himself as approximately five feet tall with whitish-gray skin and no hair. Bashar, when he channelled, also emphasized that he was speaking as a single voice for the collective voices of his society who had tuned into him as he spoke through Anka.

Bashar manifested in order to begin an interaction between worlds and assist this world through a time of transition. An essential element in the message of Bashar and his colleagues (collectively called the Association) is the message of overcoming limitation. According to the message, a basic problem of human society is guilt. Guilt perpetuates limitation and keeps people from realizing their own empowerment. Further, guilt prevents our claiming our birthright–happiness, ecstasy, and creativity. Human beings are by nature infinite creators like the Infinite Creator who created them.

By 1984, Anka was channeling once a week and then two to three nights a week over the next few years. The sessions were tape recorded. By 1987 more than 200 people were coming to sessions each Thursday evening to listen to the channeling. Interplanetary Connections was founded to organize the channeling session, to care for the tapes, and to publish transcripts. A volume with summaries of the information and highlights from the more important sessions was compiled and released in 1990 as Bashar: Blueprint for Change, A Message from Our Future. Anka has become a popular person at New Age events at which he frequently lectures and leads workshops.

Membership: Not reported.


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Last Day Messengers

Current address not obtained for this edition.

The Last Day Messengers is a small group centered in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, headed by Dave W. Bent. Bent became interested in psychic phenomena and began to develop his psychic consciousness. During this process, he encountered the material from the Mark-Age Meta Center and other groups in contact with the spiritual hierarchy. He became a channel for the White Brotherhood, and formed the Last Day Messengers. It is his belief that we are in the last days prior to Christ's physically cleansing the earth. Man must cleanse his consciousness before that time. The Messengers point to positive signs of the New Age: technological progress, the youth who are seeking love and simplicity in life, the spread of psychic development and healing, the popularity of reincarnation and the flying saucers.

Membership: Not reported.


Mark-Age, Inc.

PO Box 10
Pioneer, TN 37847

Mark-Age was initiated by spiritual revelations received in 1956 by Charles Boyd Gentzel and formally organized in 1960 by Gentzel and Pauline Sharpe to channel the messages of the "Hierarchal Board" (the spiritual government for the solar system) during the last 40 years of this century (1960-2000 B.C.E.). This is the transition coordinating group for the movement from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian. The original leaders of the group included several psychics who channeled the data from the hierarchy. The primary channel, Nada-Yolanda (Pauline Sharpe), has channeled most of the messages. In 1962, the Mark-Age Meta Center, Inc., now Mark-Age, Inc., incorporated in Miami. As early as 1949, the name Mark-Age was revealed. A subsequent revelation in 1955 concurred in its significance.

Mark-Age sees itself as one of numerous focal points of contact with the higher spiritual forces. By automatic writing and telepathic communications, the hierarchy speaks. Messages have come through from Gloria Lee (founder of the Cosmos Research Foundation and early contactee who died during a fast in 1962), famous individuals such as John F. Kennedy, and the Theosophical masters El Morya, Lady Nada, Sananda (Jesus), and Djual Khool. Mark-Age was corresponding with Lee just prior to her death in 1962. After her death, their communications with her and the publication, Gloria Lee Lives, were major steps forward in Mark-Age's growth.

Space craft are one means of communication between the Hierarchal Board and Earth. They include both physical craft, and other craft from the etheric realms. Jesus (Sananda) has been in orbit around earth since 1885 in the etheric realms and his ship 10, the Star of Bethlehem, will take on material form as the planet is cleansed. Through telepathy with the spaceships, contact is made with beings of other planets.

Since 1960, Mark-Age has published a large amount of teaching material much of which is condensed in the standard introductory book, MAPP to Aquarius: Mark-Age Period and Program. The content of the messages, besides outlining the minimal organization of Mark-Age, has been toward a defining of the roles of the Hierarchy (which, apart from the emphasis on flying saucers, is theosophical) and raising man's spiritual consciousness as the Aquarian Age dawns in preparation for the Second Coming, expected around the year 2000. The latter involves a process of meditation and psychic development. Instructions for groups associated with Mark-Age have also been published. In 1999, Mark-Age relocated its headquarters from Florida to Tennessee.

Membership: Not reported.

Periodicals: I AM Nation News.


1000 Keys to the Truth. Miami, FL: Mark-Age Meta Center, 1976.

Group Guidelines for New Age Light Centers. Miami, FL: Mark-Age Meta Center, 1971.

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Plan a Nation. Miami, FL: Mark-Age, 1975.


Ministry of Universal Wisdom


Among the most important of the 1950s contactees was George Van Tassel (19101970). A former employee of Howard Hughes, in 1957 he moved to Giant Rock, California, and started an airport to service the burgeoning postwar air industry. Beginning in 1949, he and his wife Doris Van Tassel, held weekly meditation sessions during which he would go into an altered state and channel messages. In January 1952 he began to receive channeled messages from several entities who identified themselves as space commanders, entities from outer space. Among these entities was one named Ashtar, commandant quadra sector, patrol station Schare. By this time flying saucers had become an item of popular national interest and the first people were coming forward to claim contact with the space beings they stated inhabited the saucers, which they believed to be spacecraft from other worlds. Ashtar and his colleagues revealed their mission as one of saving humanity from self destruction, which loomed closer with the discovery of atomic power.

The record of the initial contacts were published in the booklet, I Rode a Flying Saucer. Van Tassel also received information on constructing a building in which people were going to be able to be rejuvenated and their aging stopped or significantly reduced. The building was called the Integratron. There was also some hope that the devices in the building would be able to turn cosmic energy into useful electricity, allow time travel, and supply a means to nullify gravity. Beginning in the 1950s, Giant Rock became the site for a popular annual flying saucer convention.

Through the channeled messages, Van Tassel developed a theological perspective. God was continuously creating the universe. Man had been a part of that creation (humans did not evolve), but were created on another planet. Adam, or more properly the Adamic race, came from outer space to inhabit this planet. God finished his creative work on humans and rested. Then another entity, called "Lord God" in the Bible entered the picture. According to Van Tassel, the Lord God was a member of the Adamic race. He created Eve, a female counterpart of the all-male Adamic race. Eve was an animal, not human. One of the Adamic race mated with Eve and created the hybrid hu-man. Thus each of us has an Adamic constructive aspect and a destructive physical aspect. We have degenerated from following our bestial tendencies. The space brothers, pure Adamic beings, have some concern for us because we were created by one of their number having sexual relations with Eve.

Van Tassel founded the Ministry of Universal Wisdom as the corporate form through which he disseminated the messages of the space brothers. He had an associated College of Universal Wisdom that controlled the research conducted with the Integratron. According to Van Tassel, Ashtar and his colleagues constituted what was known as the Council of Seven Lights, space beings who operated from a space station called Schare.

Van Tassel died in 1970 and for a while his work was carried on by his widow. However, he had leased the land and it was eventually reclaimed by the government, which also took possession of the items inside the Integratron. The ministry was continued by Doris Van Tassel into the 1980s but eventually died out. The metaphysical work has been carried on by a number of channels who claim contact with Ashtar.


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Semjase Silver Star Center

CH-8495 Schmidrueti, Switzerland

The Semjase Silver Star Center is the American branch of the Freie Interessengemeinschaft fur Grenzund Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologie-Studien (Free Community of Interests in the Border and Spiritual Sciences and UFO Studies) headquartered in Hinterschmidruti, Switzerland. The Free Community was founded in the late 1970s by Eduard "Billy" Meier (b. 1936), who in 1975 experienced the first of a series of contacts with a flying saucer. Meier claimed the UFO had come from the Pleiades to visit him at several locations near his home in Canton Zurich, Switzerland. Its purpose was to spread the voluminous teachings which Meier received from the Pleiadean "cosmonauts." Meier wrote the story of his contact and published some of the material from the encounters soon after they began, and the Free Community was organized among people who responded to the teachings. Knowledge of Meier's contacts was spread in America primarily by Wendelle Stevens, who wrote two articles on them for ArgosyUFO in 1977. In 1979 he published a book, complete with many pictures taken by Meier of the flying saucers.

Meier has noted that he had his first UFO experience in 1942, during World War II, when he was but five years old. He saw a metallic disc fly over his house and a few months later had contact with a person from a saucer who invited him for a ride. Beginning in 1944 he experienced regular telepathic contact with an entity named Sfath, who also took him for a ride in the spaceship. Other unusual experiences occurred throughout his life, which led him into the study of the psychic and to Spiritualism. The 1975 contact began while he was attempting to elicit spirit messages from a tape recorder, a manner made famous by psychical researcher Konstantin Raudive. Meier received a message that instructed him to go outside with a camera. He traveled down the road to an unpopulated area and had his initial contact with Semjase, a woman cosmonaut who claimed to be from the Pleiades star cluster. He took a number of pictures. Semjase told Meier that she and others had come to develop a voice "channel" through which they could speak and thus assist humanity out of its present ignorance.

According to entities from the Pleiades, the Solar System is entering the Waterman Era (the Aquarian Age) which will signal a powerful upheaval in the spiritual realm. Basic to understanding our life is the Creation, the Being and Non-Being of life. Creation is the immense mass of Spiritual energy in the universe, Spirit in its purest form–Wisdom, Knowledge, Love, and Harmony in Truth. Meier has arisen as the herald of the Truth, the one who is to spread the Creation's Universal Laws. Integral to his message are the Twelve Bids, the things Creation bids us do. The twelve admonitions, analogous to the Ten Commandments, provide guidance in ways to keep from violating the Creation.

Membership: Not reported.

Remarks: Once they were published in 1979, the claims of Eduard Meier caused an immediate controversy in the ufological community. In 1980 an article reporting on an examination of his claims pronounced him a fraud. Evidence cited included photo analysis of the pictures he took which revealed strings holding what appeared to be model flying saucers. An analysis of objects Meier claimed to have received from the flying saucer entities were in fact mundane earth objects. Letters from people who substantiated Meier's claims were also fraudulent. Wendelle Stevens, who first reported on Meier's claims, has remained a supporter in the ufological debate. Besides a number of articles, he has produced two additional books on Meier. As the debate over Meier raged, Stevens has also published a set of volumes representing the claims of a wide variety of UFO contactees and presents their stories of visits from a number of planets and star systems.


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Solar Light Retreat

7700 Avenue of the Sun
White City, OR 97503

Aleuti Francesca is the Director and Tele-thought contactee for the Solar Light Retreat, established in 1966 in the foothills in southern Oregon, 20 miles outside of Medford. Francesca (originally known as Marianne Francis; she changed her name legally in 1975) became interested in UFO's in 1947 in London, England where she was born and grew up. In 1954 Francesca moved with her American husband, Kenneth Kellar to Santa Barbara, California where she also studied Hatha Yoga with Indra Devi and Baala Krishna. Telepathic and highly sensitive all her life, her sensitivity increased as she and Kenneth Kellar conducted experiments with Light Beam apparatus aimed at contacting outer space intelligences.

In forming the Santa Barbara Space Craft Research Society, Kenneth Kellar and the then Marianne Francis arranged many lectures for leading figures in the UFO field. At this time they met and became associated with Gayne and Roberta Myers and Richard Miller, the originators of the Solar Cross Fellowship. They moved to Oregon in 1965, and the following year the Solar Light Center was incorporated as a non-profit organization (the name was later changed to Solar Light Retreat as Fancesca's lecture work and tours increased). Kenneth Kellar and Francesca were quietly and amicably divorced in 1969 but remained friends after Kenneth's remarriage and relocation first to Washington state and then Nevada. Keller died in 1994.

Francesca's contact is mainly with the XY7, a mother craft from the Saturn Command. Ray-mere and Sut-ko of the Saturn Council are two of the main communicators. Information given over many years has indicated that all life in this and many other solar systems functions at the physical etheric level not the physical dense (as it does here on Earth). This is a physical plane level of functioning and has nothing to do with the spirit world per se.

Principles of the Solar Light Retreat are focused on knowledge of a spiritual hierarchy of beings, the Great White Brotherhood working under Christ, angelic contact and the reality of the infinite Creator, the "All Knowing One," "Our Radiant One" as the space beings call God. The eternal truths given by world Avatars such as Jesus Christ, Buddha, Krishna, and other spiritual masters are the basis of the teachings. The reality of advanced space beings from the Light Commands is the focus Francesca's lectures. She is now an international speaker having recently participated in the UFO Conference in Cairo, Egypt and last October at the Channelling Conference in Crete. Extensive speaking engagements throughout the United States and Canada, and in England, as well as plus hundreds of radio and television appearances have made Francesca a clear and committed spokesperson for the Space Commands.

Since 1975 Francesca has also given workshops and private regression consultations (more than 3,000) on the subjects of "Sex and the Soul" and "Transmutation of Consciousness." The private regressions have been designed to assist individuals seeking to clear energy blocks as we move towards the end of this cycle. Reincarnation, (the Law of Karma: cause and effect) is the basis for these workshops and counselling. A freedom of attitude toward the Infinite Creator, the self and others, as well as the Law of Personal Responsibility, is the basis for all lectures, workshops, and counselling. The end of this 2600-year major cycle is upon the planet and a cleansing is now taking place as a result of increased light energies. This heralds a new heaven and a new Earth and the beginning of the Golden Age of Light.

Membership: The retreat is not a membership organization.

Periodicals: Starcraft–Newsletter.


Star Light Fellowship

Current address not obtained for this edition.

The Star Light Fellowship was founded in 1962 in New York City by Sterling Warren and Jackie Altisi as a "continuing Spiritual Education Program, initiated, directed and transmitted by Etheric Master Teachers of this and Other Planets, Galaxies and Realms of the Universe." Mrs. Altisi functions as Jackie White Star and is the main direct-voice channel of messages from the spirit world, but is assisted by Phyllis Veronica. Messages have been received from departed spirits, the ascended-master hierarchy, and the space brothers, including Gloria Lee (discussed elsewhere in this volume). One of the central communications has been from Christopher, aide to the King of the Moon and spokesman for the Luna Moon Government Headquarters of United Cosmic Planets. Ch ristopher described the moon as a "complete authority in itself, but working with an interplanetary confederation."

Within the context of emphasis on communication with the space brothers, the general "ascended master" theology is accepted, and there is much correspondence with the "I AM" ascended master groups (discussed elsewhere in this volume). Ascended masters were once human and now, as spirits, teach humans about spiritual realities. During the 1970s, activities of the Fellowship were centered in New York City, where regular meetings were held and a semi-annual periodical, The Star Light Messenger,was published.

Membership: Not reported.


Unarius-Science of Life

143 S. Magnolia
El Cajon, CA 92022

Unarius was founded in 1954 by Ernest L. Norman (d. 1971), a former Spiritualist medium, shortly after his meeting with Ruth Norman (d. 1993), his future wife. Ernest, the Unarian moderator, is described in the Unarius literature as "the greatest intelligence ever to come to earth" and is believed to be a reincarnation of the entity who was also Pharaoh Amenhotep IV and Jesus. Mrs. Norman, in previous lives, had been the pharaoh's mother, the betrothed of Jesus, the woman who found Moses in the bullrushes, and the woman who sat for Leonardo da Vinci as Mona Lisa. The beginning of Ernest's mission was on ancient Atlantis and Lemuria, to which Ernest came via a space ship. The mission is also seen as the return of Jesus and the renewal of his work, so abruptly cut off 2,000 years ago. During his life, Ernest dictated material which Ruth copied and published.

The teachings of Unarius are encompassed in the many books channeled by Ernest after he met Ruth, the books written through Ruth since Ernest's death, and the Unarius lessons which contain teachings not otherwise published. Ernest's mission began when he materialized on earth and was guided by the evolved beings, now residing on other planets. From these teachers, he dictated seven books, which contain information about and teachings from the planets Venus, Mars, Hermes, Eros, Orion and Muse. The teachings comprise the true science of life and deal with spiritual development and healing. Healing is accomplished by RayBooms, the projected light beams from the great intelligences on the higher worlds. Besides detailed descriptions of the various planets in Ernest's books, Ruth has given a picture of the Intergalactic Confederation. The Confederation consists of planets, advanced beyond earth, with which Ruth has been in touch. As the Confederation was formed, earth was invited to join. The polarization (joining) of earth occurred on September 14, 1973, with Ioshanna (Ruth) as the central contact. Earth is progressing more rapidly since it became part of the Confederation.

Since Ruth Norman's passing in 1993, Unarius has been headed by Charles L. Spiegel. The organization's program has been centered upon two courses of lessons, "The Psychology of Consciousness" and the more advanced "Self Mastery, the Infinite Concept of Cosmic Creation," primarily accessed through correspondence, designed to bring forth the powers believed latent in each human being. The course facilitates people in attaining self-knowledge and then assuming responsibility for their past thus allowing corrections of current conditions which have resulted from past actions and prevent any new ones from surfacing. Integral to the lessons is a study of what is termed the physics of reincarnation. The student is presented with a picture of the ever evolving nature of life and our true purpose as spiritual beings. Knowledge of self leads to a knowledge of the Infinite Creative Intelligence, the ever generative source of life.

The word Unarius is an acronym standing for "universal articulate interdimesional understanding of science."

Membership: Not reported.

Periodicals: Unarius Light.


Ioshanna [Ruth Norman]. A Space Woman Speaks from Outer Space. El Cajon, CA: Unarius, n.d.

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The Universal Hierarchy. A Pictorial Tour of Unarius. El Cajon, CA: Unarius Educational Foundation, 1982.


United States Raelian Religion

Box 630368
North Miami Beach, FL 33163

Alternate Address: Canadian Raelian Church, PO Box 86, Youville Sta., Montreal, PQ, Canada H2P 2V2. International Raelian Movement, CP 225, CH-1411 Geneva 8, Switzerland.

On December 13, 1973, a French journalist by the name of Rael was contacted by an extraterrestrial being. During this encounter, the extraterrestrial dictated a series of messages for humankind and requested that an embassy be built in Jerusalem, if possible, where they will officially land and bring with them all the prophets announced by every religion. These messages explain that in the original Hebrew Bible (the opening book of Genesis) the opening phrase "In the beginning Elohim…" (not "God"), literally translates to "Those who came from the sky." "Elohim" is plural. Thus, Rael was told by the ETS that Genesis is a written account of how people from another planet created all life on Earth. The messages dictated to Rael explain how the Elohim, through their mastery of genetics, scientifically created life using DNA.

The messages go on to explain that all the great prophets, including Buddha, Moses, Jesus, and Mohammed were messengers of these extraterrestrials. Jesus was born from the union of one of these extraterrestrials and a daughter of man and his task was to spread the biblical Genesis throughout the world in anticipation of the age in which we are now living, the predicted Age of Apocalypse.

According to popular belief, humanity entered the Age of Apocalypse in 1945. The word "apocalypse" comes from the Greek "apocalupsis" and means "revelation." It is the time in which our scientific development allows us to understand the true origin of humanity. With this same level of technology we can also either destroy or liberate our world. This age of apocalypse has been anticipated by every religion.

According to the Raelians, the Elohim contacted Rael in modern times because the human race can finally rationally understand its origins. They have asked him to make these messages known throughout the world and to build an embassy for them where they will meet with the leaders of the world officially. They are not invaders. They have shown their desire to come, but they respect Earth's choice to say no. It is up to humanity to invite them, and the invitation is the "Embassy." In Raelian belief, its the least humanity can do; they created mankind, and without them mankind would not exist.

According to the Raelians, the Elohim taught Rael the techniques of "sensual meditation" so that mankind can awaken its mind by awakening its body and realizing their true potential. It is an instruction manual given to mankind to help harmonize all the possibilities that lie within our collective brain and written by those best placed to know how it works since they created it. As human beings, we are linked by our receptors, the senses, to the infinite which surrounds and composes us. Every year, on every continent, members of the Raelian Religion are able to participate in sensual meditation seminars. On the American continent, the seminars are held in Quebec, starting the third week of July, now a campground where naturalism is permitted.

The Raelian Religion is a non profit, international organization. Rael has written a number of books which have now been translated into 25 languages.

The group's Internet site is

Membership: In 2002 the movement reported 55,000 members worldwide, 250 in the United States, and 5,000 in Canada.

Educational Facilities: Les Jardins Du Prophete, Quebec, Canada.

Periodicals: Apocalypse. • The Contact Le Raelian.

Remarks: The movement has been criticized for its emblem, a stylized swastika inside of a Star of David. Rael explains it is a symbol of infinity, but others complain that it has racial connotations.


Palmer, Susan J. "The Raelian Movement International." Robert Towler, ed. New Religions and the New Europe. Aarhus, Denmark: Aarhus University Press, 1995.

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Universariun Foundation

Current address not obtained for this edition.

The Universariun Foundation was formed in 1958 and for many years headquartered in Portland, Oregon. Among the small group, Zelrun Karsleigh and his wife, Daisy Karsleigh, then still in her teens, began to receive telepathic material. Meetings were held regularly in their home, and the work grew steadily. For several decades, the Karsleighs remained the primary channels of messages from the spirit world, though eventually others have developed within the group.

Messages have been received from both the ascended masters and the masters from outer space. The principle communicators have been Sri Soudah, Koot Hoomi, and Lord Michael. The material follows the perspective of the "I AM" Religious Activity and is aimed at the illumination and emancipation of earth from its fear, chaos, and confusion.

The Universariun Foundation is governed by a board of seven directors elected by the membership at an annual meeting. The board oversees publication of the monthly periodical. A sanctuary for weekly meditation and telepathic channeling and a bookstore are maintained in Tucson. The recommended reading list of books, sold on a mail-order basis, includes a wide variety of metaphysical works.

Membership: Not reported.

Periodicals: The Voice of Universarius.


How the Forces of Love Can Overcome the Forces of Hate. Portland, OR: Universariun Foundation, n.d.

Khul, Djwhal. The Prophecies of the Tibetan. Tucson, AZ: Universariun Foundation, 1983.

Oh! Urantia. Portland, OR: Universariun Foundation, [1967].

Prins, Ethera. Miracle of Love and Life. Portland, OR: Universariun Foundation, 1974.

Universarius as Given in Space Messages of 1960. Portland, OR: Sadhana-Western Publishers, 1961.


Universe Society Church (UNISOC)

Current address not obtained for this edition.

The Universe Society Church (UNISOC) was founded in 1951 as the Institute of Parapsychology. It was also known as the Universe Society prior to taking its present name in the early 1980s. The church was founded by Hal Wilcox (b. 1932), who had had a number of psychic experiences as a child. He was later ordained as a Spiritualist minister. In the early 1950s, along with several other individuals with mediumistic abilities, Wilcox learned of Master Fahsz and other ascended teachers of the Great White Brotherhood (termed TABOF or The Ancient Brotherhood of Fahsz). Wilcox and the other oracles began to channel messages from these teachers/masters who taught the group about the nature of the universe and humanity's role in it.

According to the TABOF the universe was created by God, described as "The Father, The Ultimate One, The Force behind All Force, The Ultimate Cause behind All Cause." God permeates the universe, which is divided into seven sectors. Our sector, under Master Brsgv, contains seven galaxies. Our galaxy is in seven groups of seven planets each, making a total of 50 principal colonies including Fahsz's home planet of Narvon in the Altair system. UFOs are simply spacecraft used to colonize our galaxy and stay in touch with the inhabited planets, or galactic colonies in the Milky Way. Contacts from 1951 to 1961 were maintained by shel services, a method the group was taught in order to facilitate regular communications. It consists of a brief ceremony in which a mantrum, "Ino Pazis Gnurum," is chanted, followed by a 30-minute message channeled by one of UNISOC's 12 oracles for directions. The short service, it is believed, activates the pineal gland, and connects it with either the INO, a galatic computer bank, of one of the space brothers within Fahsz's command.

In 1963 physical contacts started with Zemkla, a man who governs planet Selo, in the Bernard Star system. According to the information received over the years, humanity's goal is governance, wherein all the people of this galaxy are to learn via reincarnation and karma to live according to God's spiritual laws.

In the 1950s UNISOC began work on seven Project Tests. In the process of completing the test projects, Wilcox discovered the results of past covenants, the first of which was a new 1838 Japanese religion, Tenrikyo. Since that time, Wilcox has discovered many other teachings that came from the same source but which were presented according to humanity's changing cultural understanding. After UNISOC completed Project-1 in 1963, Wilcox was ordained as a Tenrikyo priest, before moving on to Project-2. During the process of completing six projects he wrote approximately 60 books to expound the emerging truth. As of 1987 UNISOC had completed six of the seven text projects. The seventh text, upon which UNISOC is currently expending its efforts, corresponds roughly with America's third test of destiny.

UNISOC holds weekly classes and has expanded their shel services to include an interfacing computer network that in 1978 produced a printout of extraterrestrial communications. the associated Galaxy Press has published Wilcox's books, several levels of instructional material, booklets, and a newsletter.

Membership: As of 1988 there was only one center, in Hollywood, but graduates of the work are being encouraged to start their own units in other states and/or countries. Several of the books have been translated into other languages.

Periodicals: UNISOC Newsletter.


Wilcox, Hal. Contact with the Master. Hollywood, CA: Galaxy Press, 1984.

——. Gateway to the Superconsciousness. Hollywood, CA: The Author, n.d.


White Star

Box 307
Joshua Tree, CA 92252

Located close to Giant Rock in the Yucca Valley of California is White Star, founded by Doris C. LeVesque of Joshua Tree, California. (Giant Rock is the location of the Ministry of Universal Wisdom founded by George Van Tassel, a center discussed elsewhere in this chapter.) LeVesque began to channel messages from unseen entities in the mid-1950s after having read a book on saucers in 1954. In 1957, she began publication of the White Star Illuminator. She developed contact with the Ashtar Command, previously contacted by Van Tassel.

Ms. LeVesque teaches that earth is in a transition period created by the atomic age. Cataclysm is to be avoided by moving away from the destruction of nature. Universal laws, especially that of divine love, must be expressed. Love is the prime motivating force in the universe. The universe is organized on the principles of density and substance. Man evolves by assuming more density which vibrates at high rates. Life on all planets is at differing points of evolvement. A key evolutionary concept is light, which is said to be created by vibration traveling in substance. Evolvement to higher spiritual levels accompanies the presence of more light. Followers are encouraged to meditate and to visualize the coming of the light into various needful situations.

Membership: Not reported. Mailings go out to followers across the United States.

Periodicals: Times of the Signs.


World Understanding

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Daniel Fry, an explosives technician and employee of Aerojet General Corporation, became one of the most famous of the flying saucer contactees following his experience on July 4, 1950. Out walking on a hot evening near the Organ Mountains and White Sands Proving Grounds, New Mexico, he saw an "ovate spheroid about thirty feet in diameter." He encountered a space-being, A Lan, and took a ride in the saucer. The trip to New York and back took less than an hour. The purpose of the visit was to determine the basic adaptability of the earth-race to concepts completely foreign to the customary mode of thinking. Fry was described as open. The entire visit was discussed in a book, The White SandsIncident, in 1954. The following year, Understanding, Inc., was founded.

Understanding, Inc. has been one of the most eclectic of UFO groups but has been very much shaped by the teachings of A-Lan through Daniel Fry. Major purchases are the charting of the area of worldwide agreement in "spiritual" science and those tenets accepted as valid by all races and creeds, leading toward a guide for the behavior of man. Hypnotism has been highly recommended when properly used. The group has promoted the UFO cause generally, and Fry is a popular speaker in psychic circles.

During the 1970s headquarters of Understanding, Inc. were moved from Oregon to Tonapah, Arizona, where the Universal Faith and Wisdom Association, founded by the Rev. Enid Smith (and centered upon some saucer-shaped buildings adjacent to Sun Spiritualist Camp) was absorbed into Understanding, Inc. More recently the headquarters moved to New Mexico. The organization is administered by its officers who are elected in the annual membership meeting.

Membership: Not reported. During the 1970s, there were approximately 60 units worldwide.

Periodicals: Understanding.


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