Flying Leathernecks

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Flying Leathernecks ★★★ 1951

Tough squadron leader Wayne fights with his fellow officer Ryan in Guadalcanal when their leadership styles clash. But when the real fighting begins all is forgotten as Wayne leads his men into victorious battle, winning the admiration and devotion of his fliers. Memorable WWII film deals with war in human terms. 102m/C VHS, DVD . John Wayne, Robert Ryan, Janis Carter, Don Taylor, James Bell, James Dobson, Jay C. Flippen, Gordon Gebert, William Harrigan, Brett King, Adam Williams, Carleton Young, Dick Wessel, Gail Davis, Harlan Warde, Michael (Steve Flagg) St. Angel, Maurice Jara, John Mallory, Britt Nelson, Lynn Stalmaster; D: Nicholas Ray; W: Kenneth Gamet, James Edward Grant; C: William E. Snyder; M: Roy Webb.