Flynn, Colleen 1962-

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Flynn, Colleen 1962-


Born May 23, 1962, in NJ; married Stephen Hornyak (an actor), 1990.


Agent—TalentWorks, 3500 West Olive Ave., Suite 1400, Burbank, CA 90069. Manager—Envision Entertainment, 9255 W. Sunset Blvd., Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90069.



Awards, Honors:

Emmy Award nomination, outstanding guest actress in a drama series, 1995, for ER.


Film Appearances:

Ruthie, Last Exit to Brooklyn (also known as Letzte ausfahrt Brooklyn), 1989.

Adult Jessica Late for Dinner, SVS Video, 1991.

Sara Meinhold, The Temp, Paramount, 1993.

Coast Guard Captain, Clear and Present Danger, United International Pictures, 1994.

Woman on the bridge, Pay It Forward, 2000.

Television Appearances; Series:

Lisa Koufax, Under Cover, Fox, 1991.

Dr. Pam Blondel, Flipper, syndicated, 1995-96.

Paulette Charbonnet, Orleans, CBS, 1997.

Carolyn McGrail, To Have and to Hold, CBS, 1998.

Lolly Wetzel, a recurring character, Judging Amy, CBS, 2000-2004.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Maria Hawn, Trial: The Price of Passion, NBC, 1992.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Lisa Koufax, Under Cover, Fox, 1991.

Annie Britton, Victim of Love: The Shannon Mohr Story, NBC, 1993.

In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride and Madness (also known as Bitter Blood), 1994.

Lianne Melrose, Incident at Deception Ridge (also known as Terror at Deception Ridge), USA Network, 1994.

Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story (also known as Serving in Silence), NBC, 1995.

Maggie Fergus, Two Mothers for Zachary, ABC, 1996.

Ruby Martin, The Devil's Child, ABC, 1997.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Lisa, Under Cover (also known as The Company), 1991.

Sherman Oaks, Showtime, 1999.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Dr. Colleen Flaherty Richards, "The Big Bang," China Beach, CBS, 1990.

Dr. Colleen Flaherty Richards, "Juice," China Beach, CBS, 1990.

Dr. Colleen Flaherty Richards, "Hello, Goodbye," China Beach, CBS, 1991.

Christine Riordan, "The Naked and the Wed," Civil Wars, ABC, 1992.

Lindsay Kerr, "David Is Authorized," Class of '96, 1993.

Lisbeth, The Road Home, CBS, 1994.

Janine Messersmith, "Sisters," VR.5, 1995.

Jodi O'Brian, "Love's Labor Lost," ER, NBC, 1995.

Michele Fazekas, "Detour," The X-Files, Fox, 1997.

Colleen Azar, "All Things," The X-Files, Fox, 2000.

Janice Bonner, "Prisoner of Love," Philly, ABC, 2001.

Rebecca Turner, "Samuel Rising," Roswell (also known as Roswell High), UPN, 2001.

Katherine Fielding, "As If By Fate," Crossing Jordan, NBC, 2002.

Katherine Kent, "Silent Partner," Without a Trace (also known as W.A.T.), CBS, 2002.

Strong Medicine, Lifetime, 2002.

Wendy Stuart, "Coming Home," The Practice, ABC, 2004.

Wendy Stuart, "Pre-Trial Blues," The Practice, ABC, 2004.

Wendy Stuart, "Mr. Shore Goes to Town," The Practice, ABC, 2004.

Lorna, "Passion of the Wick," The Drew Carey Show, ABC, 2004.

Chief of human resources, "Surprise," Everwood (also known as Our New Life in Everwood), The WB, 2005.

Jillian Thompson, "You Are Here," The Closer, TNT, 2005.

Lacy Jensen, "Voices," Ghost Whisperer, CBS, 2005.

Emily, "Superstar," Cold Case, CBS, 2005.

Julia's doctor, "Quentin Costa," Nip/Tuck, FX Channel, 2005.

Julia's doctor, "Cherry Peck," Nip/Tuck, FX Channel, 2005.

Julia's doctor, "Cindy Plumb," Nip/Tuck, FX Channel, 2006.

Julia's doctor, "Monica Wilder," Nip/Tuck, FX Channel, 2006.

Josh's mother, "The Shot," Close to Home, CBS, 2006.

Enid, "The Jerk," House M.D. (also known as M.D.), Fox, 2007.