Fejér, Leopold

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FEJÉR, LEOPOLD (1880–1959), Hungarian mathematician. Fejér was educated in Budapest and Berlin. He spent a year in Berlin where he met H.A. Schwarz who had a decisive influence on his mathematical career. He was appointed professor at Budapest in 1911 and elected to full membership in the Hungarian Academy of Sciences in 1930. After being dismissed from his chair during World War ii he narrowly escaped being killed by the fascist regime. Fejér's Ph.D. thesis contained the classic result now known as Fejér's theorem that "a Fourier series is Cesàro summable (C,1) to the value of the function at each point of continuity." This key result gave great impetus to further developments in Fourier and divergent series. A complete list of his publications is given in Matematikai Lapok (vol. 1 (1950), 267–72).


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