Fejtö, François

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FEJTÖ, FRANÇOIS (Ferenc ; 1906– ), author, critic, and journalist. Fejtö was born in Zagreb. Together with P. Ignotus and A. József, he was a founder of the Hungarian literary journal Szép Szó (Budapest, 1935). In 1938 he was accused by the Budapest police of being a Communist and fled from Hungary, settling in Paris. An expert on Eastern European politics, Fejtö was a prominent socialist and an independent thinker. Both in his political writings and in his fiction he was preoccupied with the Jewish question, particularly the relationship of Jews and Communists. His works include Érzelmes utazás ("Sentimental Journey," 1937), Chineurss, la fin d'une hégémonie (1964), Henri Heine (1946), and Le printemps des peuples dans les pays communistes (1960).


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