Feinstein, Meir

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FEINSTEIN, MEIR (1927–1947), Jew condemned to death by the British in Palestine. Feinstein was born in the Old City of Jerusalem. In his youth he went to work in the kibbutz of Negbah, where he joined the *Palmaḥ, and at the age of 16 volunteered for service in the British army. In 1946 he joined the i.Ẓ.l. and on Oct. 30 took part in an attack on the railway station of Jerusalem. During his get-away, fire was opened on him from a passing car and he was badly wounded in his left hand. As a result, whereas his companions managed to escape, he took refuge in a house and the bloodstains enabled his pursuers to find him. After his left hand was amputated he was put on trial and sentenced to death on Apr. 3, 1947. He shared the condemned cell with Moshe *Barazani, and the date of their execution was fixed for the morning of the 21st. At 9 p.m. on the previous evening, they placed an explosive charge, which had been smuggled into the cell, between their hearts and set it off, thus cheating the gallows.


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