Feinman, Sigmund

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FEINMAN, SIGMUND (1862–1909), Yiddish actor-manager. Born near Kishinev, Feinman acted in Bessarabia and Romania, went to New York in 1886, and worked with *Adler, *Mogulesko, and *Kessler, doing his best work in Jacob Gordin's plays. Returning to Europe in 1906, he and his wife Dinah (formerly married to Jacob Adler) established a reputation in London and on the Continent. He played Othello in Romania, 1909, and died while rehearsing in Lodz. Manuscripts of Feinman's own plays and translations were acquired by the *yivo Institute. His wife dinah feinman (1862–1946) acted in A Doll's House, Mirele Efros, and La Dame aux Camélias.