Feinberg, Nathan

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FEINBERG, NATHAN (1895–?), international jurist. Born in Kovno (Kaunas), Lithuania, Feinberg studied international law in Zurich and Geneva. In 1919–21 he was departmental head of the Ministry of Jewish Affairs in Lithuania; 1922–24 secretary of the *Comité des Délégations Juives at Paris; and he conducted a private law practice in Palestine in 1925–27 and again in 1934–35. From 1931–33 he lectured at Geneva University. In 1945 he was appointed lecturer in international relations at the Hebrew University, in 1947 also in international law, and professor in 1949; he was the first dean of the university's Faculty of Law (1949–51). Feinberg served from 1962 as one of Israel's representatives on the International Court of Arbitration in the Hague. His published work is mainly concerned with Jewish minority status in post-World War i Europe (La question des minorités à la Conférence de la Paix 191920, 1929); with the Palestine mandate in international law (Some Problems of the Palestine Mandate, 1936; Ereẓ Yisrael bi-Tekufat ha-Mandat u-Medinat Yisrael, 1963); with the Jewish defense against Hitler and the Nazis (Ha-Ma'arakhah ha-Yehudit neged Hitler…, 1957); as well as with the Arab-Jewish conflict (Arab-Israel Conflict in International Law, 1970). Feinberg was co-editor of the Jewish Year Book of International Law (1949) and edited a volume of studies in public international law in memory of Sir Hersh Lauterpacht (1962).