Feingold, S. Norman

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FEINGOLD, S. Norman. American. Genres: Psychology, Women's studies and issues, Self help, Education, How-to books. Career: President, National Career-Counseling Services, since 1980. National Director, B'nai B'rith Career-Counseling Services, Washington, D.C., 1958-80. Member, President's Committee on Employment of the Disabled, 1985-. Publications: A Career Conference for Your Community, 1964; (with S. Swerdloff) Occupations and Careers, 1969; (with D.R. Evers) Your Future in Exotic Occupations, 1972; A Counselor's Handbook: Readings in Counseling Student Aid and Rehabilitation, 1972; (with A. Fins) Your Future in More Exotic Occupations, 1978; Counseling for Careers in the 1980s, 1979; (with S. Levin) What to Do Until the Counselor Comes, 1980; (with L.G. Perlman) Making It on Your Own, 1981; Wither Guidance: Future Directions, 1981; (with N.R. Miller) Your Future: A Guide for the Handicapped Teenager, 1981; (with G.A. Hansard-Winkler) 900,000 Plus Jobs, 1982; (with M. Feingold) Scholarships, Fellowships and Loans, vol. 7, 1982, vol. 8, 1987, (with A.J. Nicholson) The Professional and Trade Association Job Finder, 1983; (with A.J. Nicholson) Getting Ahead: A Woman's Guide to Career Success, 1983; (with M.H. Atwater) New Emerging Careers: Today, Tomorrow and in the 21st Century, 1988; Futuristic Exercises: A Work Book for Emerging Lifestyles and Careers in the 21st Century and Beyond, 1989; (with G.A. Hansard-Winkler) Where the Jobs Are: A Comprehensive Directory of 1200 Journals Listing Career Opportunities, 1989; (with L.G. Perlman) Making It on Your Own, 1991; (with M.N. Feingold) The Complete Job and Career Handbook: 101 Ways to Get from Here to There, 1993. EDITOR: The Vocational Expert in the Social Security Disability Program, 1969; (consulting) Rehabilitation in Israel, 1974; (with W. Silverman) A Legend in His Own Time, 1976. Address: 1801 E. Jefferson #442, Rockville, MD 20852-4057, U.S.A.