Farlati, Daniele

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Jesuit church historian; b. San Daniele del Friuli, Italy, Feb. 22, 1690; d. Padua, April 25, 1773. Farlati was admitted into the Society of Jesus at Bologna in 1707. After teaching humanities at the Jesuit college in Padua, he was sent to Rome to complete his theological studies and was ordained there in 1722. He returned to Padua and collaborated with Filippo Riceputi, SJ, on the history of the Church in Illyria. After 20 years of research and with 300 volumes of collected manuscript material, they began their writing. At Riceputi's death in 1742, Farlati was assisted by Giacomo Coleti, SJ. The first volume of the Illyricum sacrum was printed at Venice in 1751; while the fifth volume was in press, Farlati died. Coleti completed the work with the eighth volume. In 1910 F. Bulĭc published the Accessiones et collectiones all' Illyricum sacrum del P. G. Coleti.

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