Everard of Ypres

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Writer; b. Ypres, Belgium; d. Clairvaux. Everard studied under gilbert de la porrÉe at Chartres, Paris, and Poitiers. From 1162 to 1165 he was a cleric in France of Hyacinth, the future celestine iii. A teacher at the University of paris for most of his life, Everard wrote a compendium (summula ) of Canon Law sometime after 1180 and addressed a letter to urban iii (118587) to de nounce some alleged errors concerning the Trinity and the God-Man. He remained an ardent admirer of his mas ter Gilbert and during the reign of Celestine III (119198) wrote his principal work, a Latin Dialogue between Rati us and Everard, in which Gilbert's cause is defended by a fictitious Greek, called Ratius, who strongly disagrees with St. Bernard's interpretation of Gilbert's theology. Ratius is also quite critical of certain aspects of monastic life. A letter addressed to Everard by a certain "Brother B." reexamines and questions statements made in the Dialogue and in the letter to Urban. Everard spent his last years as a Cistercian at Clairvaux.

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Everard of Ypres

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