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EVERETT, Chad 1936(?)–


Original name, Raymond Lee Cramton; born June 11, 1936 (some sources cite 1937), in South Bend, IN; son of Harry Clyde "Ted" and Virdeen Ruth (maiden name, Hopper) Cramton; married Brenda Lee Thompson (an actress and writer; professional name, Shelby Grant), May 22, 1966; children: Katherine Kerrie, Shannon Kimberly (an actress). Education: Wayne State University, B.A., 1960; studied acting with Eugene Baker and De Leonard Leone. Politics: Republican. Religion: Christian. Avocational Interests: Golf, tennis, poetry, carpentry, painting, meditation, horseback riding, fishing, sailing.

Addresses: Agent—Agency for the Performing Arts, 9200 Sunset Blvd., Suite 900, Los Angeles, CA 90069.

Career: Actor. Appeared in television commercials, including one for Liberty Prescription Plan, 2003. Former member of a dramatic group sponsored by the U.S. State Department to tour India. Member of Los Angeles Police Department Memorial Foundation; host of Michelob Chad Everett Tennis Tournament for Special Children and an American Cancer Society golf tournament; spokesperson for Project Orbis and for multiple sclerosis publicity efforts. Military service: U.S. Naval Reserve, 1956–63.

Member: American Federation of Television and Radio Artists, Screen Actors Guild, Muscular Dystrophy Association (vice president, 1971), Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Awards, Honors: Golden Laurel Award nomination, male new face, 1966; Golden Globe Award nominations, best actor in a television drama series, 1971, 1973, and TP de Oro, best foreign actor, 1973, all for Medical Center; Don Quixote Award of Spain, best actor, 1972; Gold Medal, favorite actor, Photoplay magazine; received star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.


Film Appearances:

Linn Varner, Claudelle Inglish (also known as Young and Eager), Warner Bros., 1961.

Bob Jensen, The Chapman Report, Warner Bros./Darryl F. Zanuck, 1962.

Young man, Rome Adventure (also known as Lovers Must Learn), Warner Bros., 1962.

Gary Underwood, Get Yourself a College Girl (also known as The Swinging Set), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1964.

Title role, Johnny Tiger, Universal, 1966.

Robert Gerarde, The Singing Nun, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1966.

Ted Barclay, Made in Paris, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1966.

Jack Connell, First to Fight, Warner Bros., 1967.

Lot McGuire, The Last Challenge (also known as The Pistolero of Red River), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1967.

Steven Miller, "Poor Butterfly," Journey into Midnight, Twentieth Century-Fox, 1968.

Richard Merrick, The Impossible Years, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1968.

Quentin Barnaby, The Firechasers, RFD, 1970.

Give Me My Money, 1977.

Simon Kurtz, Airplane II: The Sequel (also known as Flying High II and Flying High II: The Sequel), Paramount, 1982.

The Dutchman, Fever Pitch, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1985.

Detective Sergeant Joe DaVonzo, The Jigsaw Murders, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment, 1989.

Zack Duncan, Heroes Stand Alone (also known as Duncan's Dodgers), Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Home Entertainment, 1989.

Tom Cassidy, Psycho, Universal, 1998.

Jimmy Katz, Mulholland Dr. (also known as Mulholland Drive), Universal Focus, 2001.

(Uncredited) Jack Thorton, View from the Top, Miramax, 2003.

Kirk, Tiptoes (also known as Tiny Tiptoes), Reality Check Productions, 2003.

Jess Moondragon, Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (also known as Anchorman: Wake-Up Ron Burgundy and Wake Up Ron Burgundy), Dream-Works, 2004.

Narrator, Unspoken, Pan Productions/Odyssey Entertainment, 2005.

Television Appearances; Series:

Deputy Del Stark, The Dakotas, ABC, 1963.

Dr. Joe Gannon, Medical Center, CBS, 1969–76.

Paul Hagen, Hagen, CBS, 1980.

Wyatt Earp III, The Rousters, NBC, 1983.

Jack McKenna, McKenna, ABC, 1994–95.

Jake Manhattan, Manhattan, AZ, USA Network, 2000.

Television Appearances; Miniseries:

Maxwell Mercy, Centennial, NBC, 1978–79.

Harold Columbine, The French Atlantic Affair, ABC, 1979.

Art Bonnell, Malibu, ABC, 1983.

Television Appearances; Movies:

Lee Sutton, Return of the Gunfighter (also known as Wyatt), 1967.

Vincent "Vince" Halloran, In the Glitter Palace (also known as A Woman Accused), NBC, 1977.

Charles Beaufort, Mistress of Paradise, ABC, 1981.

Jake Nevins, The Intruder Within (also known as The Lucifer Rig), ABC, 1981.

Voice of Chuck, Ultraman: The Adventure Begins (also known as Ultraman USA), syndicated, 1987.

General Kenneth Spalding, Official Denial, Sci-Fi Channel, 1993.

Walter Kelly, When Time Expires, The Movie Channel, 1997.

Charles Dawson, Harlequin's "Hard to Forget" (also known as Hard to Forget and Amoureux d'une ombre), The Movie Channel, 1998.

Richard Pierce, Freefall (also known as Angst ueber den wolken), Fox Family Channel, 1999.

Television Appearances; Pilots:

Wyatt Earp III, The Rousters, NBC, 1983.

Ben Bishop, Thunder Boat Row, ABC, 1989.

Commander Shade Ridnaur, Star Command (also known as In the Fold), UPN, 1996.

David Carver, Sr., The Mountain, The WB, 2004.

Television Appearances; Specials:

Narrator, The Glory Road West, 1976.

Narrator, It Takes a Lot of Love, ABC, 1976.

Battle of the Network Stars VIII, ABC, 1980.

Battle of the Network Stars XV, ABC, 1983.

Himself, How's Your News?, Cinemax, 2002.

CBS at 75, CBS, 2003.

The Second Annual TV Land Awards: A Celebration of Classic TV, Nickelodeon and TV Land, 2004.

Television Appearances; Episodic:

Don Whitman, "High Tide," Surfside 6, 1960.

Lieutenant Finley, "Apache Treasure," Bronco, 1960.

Mark Wallace, "The Kahuna Curtain," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1960.

Mark Adams, "The College Caper," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1961.

Anthony Chase, "The Rival Eye Caper," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1961.

"The Son," Lawman, ABC, 1961.

"Point Zero," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1961.

Deputy Johnny Davis, "Ride the Whirlwind," Bronco, ABC, 1962.

Roger Coleman, "The Artful Deceit," Surfside 6, ABC, 1962.

Ross Franklin, "The Diplomatic Caper," 77 Sunset Strip, ABC, 1962.

Larry Brand, "The Four-Cornered Triangle," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1962.

Deputy Del Stark, "A Man Called Ragan" (pilot for The Dakotas), Cheyenne, ABC, 1962.

Alan Marsh, "Rx. Cricket," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1962.

Bongo Macklin, "Neutral Corner," Surfside 6, ABC, 1962.

Chris Randall, "Koto Kate," Hawaiian Eye, ABC, 1962.

Chick, "Papa-San," Redigo, NBC, 1963.

Heiss Horgal, "Come Home, Greta Inger Gruenschaffen," Route 66, CBS, 1963.

"Man with an Edge," The Lieutenant, NBC, 1964.

Adam Manning/Ted Manning, "The First Kill," Branded, NBC, 1965.

Steve Kovac, "Beneath the Ashes," Combat!, ABC, 1965.

Adam Tenza, "The J Is for Judas Affair," Man from U.N.C.L.E., NBC, 1967.

Daniel Joseph Sayres, "The Hero," The FBI, ABC, 1968.

Steven Miller, "Poor Butterfly," Journey to the Unknown, ABC, 1969.

"And Be My Love," Ironside, NBC, 1969.

"James Brolin," This Is Your Life, 1971.

Fireman, "Instant Marriage Mill," The Red Skelton Show, 1971.

Guest, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, 1972.

Guest, Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In, 1972.

"Chad Everett," This Is Your Life, 1972.

Celebrity Sweepstakes, 1974.

Guest, Donny and Marie, 1976.

"Day of Terror, Night of Fear," Police Story, NBC, 1978.

Wayne Richmond, "Egyptian Cruise: Parts 1 & 2," The Love Boat, ABC, 1986.

Kevin Keats, "Obituary for a Dead Anchor," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1986.

Alex Shepherd, "Mixed Emotions," Hotel, ABC, 1987.

Cody, "Till Death Duel Us Part," The Highwayman, NBC, 1988.

Detective Lieutenant Redick, "The Fixer-Upper," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1990.

Clark Blanchard, "Terminal Connection," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1991.

Roland Barker, "Till Death Do Us Part," Shades of LA, 1991.

Martin Fraser, "The Big Kill," Murder, She Wrote, CBS, 1993.

Himself, "No, But I Played One on TV," Nurses, NBC, 1993.

David Whittier, Sr., "Morning Has Broken," Cybill, CBS, 1995.

David Whittier, Sr., "Zing!," Cybill, CBS, 1995.

Armstrong Waters, Kirk (also known as Life Happens), The WB, 1996.

Dr. Clayton Andrews, "Physician: Murder Thyself," Diagnosis Murder, CBS, 1997.

Reverend Daniel Brewer, "Crisis of Faith," Touched by an Angel, CBS, 1997.

King Cassidy, "Caroline and Richard & Julia," Caroline in the City, NBC, 1997.

King Cassidy, "Caroline and the Wayward Husband," Caroline in the City, NBC, 1997.

Dr. Joseph Vernon, "Sweet Revenge," Pacific Palisades (also known as Brentwood), Fox, 1997.

Tom Youngerman, "Old Boyfriends," Just Shoot Me!, NBC, 1997.

Thomas Sterling, "Kyle of the Desert," Melrose Place, Fox, 1998.

Thomas Sterling, "Mama Mia," Melrose Place, Fox, 1998.

Thomas Sterling, "Last Train to Baghdad," Melrose Place, Fox, 1998.

Dr. Osborne, "Mom's the Word," The Nanny, CBS, 1998.

Blake Hunter, "Such Sweet Dreams," The Love Boat: The Next Wave, The WB, 1999.

Guest, Praise the Lord, 2002.

Guest, Hollywood Squares, syndicated, 2004.

Mr. Henry "Huck" Graham, "The First Lady," Jack & Bobby, The WB, 2004.

Television Director; Episodic:

Directed episodes of Medical Center, CBS.



"Psycho" Path, Universal Studios Home Video, 1999.


All Strung Out, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, 1971.



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