Engel, JÓzsef

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ENGEL, JÓZSEF (1815–1901), Hungarian sculptor, born at Sátoraljaujhely, Hungary. Intended for the rabbinate, he was sent to study at the yeshivah of Moses *Sofer at Pressburg. While still studying, Engel began to practice sculpture, and his father asked the rabbi whether this was permissible according to rabbinic law. On his receiving a negative reply, Engel was forced to stop. When his father died, however, Engel left for Vienna and became apprentice to a wood-carver. In 1840 he moved to England, where he made his name and executed busts of Queen Victoria and of Prince Albert, who commissioned several works from him. He also executed a bust of Sir David *Salomons, the first Jewish lord mayor of London. In 1847 he went to Rome, remaining there for nearly 20 years before returning to Hungary.


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