Engel, Hans Ludwig

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Canonist; b. Castle Wagrein, Austria; d. Grillenberg, Austria, April 22, 1674. He was a Benedictine of the monastery of Mölk; he studied law at the University of Salzburg, assuming the role of professor of Canon Law, and later, by unanimous consent, that of vice chancellor in 1669. He left Salzburg, returned to Mölk, and died in the parish of Grillenberg. Engel was influential in Germanic circles. His work Collegium universi juris canonici published between 1671 and 1674 is admired for its lucidity and profundity. In it he defends the papal supremacy and treats of episcopo-papal relations. Among his more famous works are Privilegia monasteriorum ex jure communi deducta (1664), Tractatus de privilegiis et juribus monasteriorum (1693), and Manuale Parochorum (1661).

Bibliography: g. lepointe, Dictionnaire de droit canonique 5:342343. j. f. von schulte, Die Geschichte der Quellen und der Literatur des kanonischen Rechts 3.1:150151.

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