Edward the Martyr, King of England, St.

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Born c. 962; died Corfe, Dorset, March 18, 978. His succession to his father, edgar the peaceful, in 975 was supported by Archbishop dunstan of canterbury and opposed by a faction that preferred his younger stepbrother, Ethelred, and employed the forces hostile to monasticism. He was murdered when he visited Ethelred. His body was buried at Wareham, and in 980, translated to Shaftesbury, where it was elevated by order of King Ethelred in 1001. The Vita s. Oswaldi (c. 9901005) records miracles worked by Edward. In 1008 the king and the witan ordered the observance of his Massday. Edward is listed in the Roman Martyrology; his feast is observed in the Diocese of Plymouth.

Feast: March 18; June 20 (translation).

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Edward the Martyr, King of England, St.

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