Edwards Bello, Joaquín (1887–1968)

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Edwards Bello, Joaquín (1887–1968)

Joaquín Edwards Bello (b. 10 May 1887; d. 1968), Chilean journalist and novelist. A prolific writer and memorialist, Edwards Bello created an extensive commentary on Chilean life from a personal perspective. As a criollista, he was interested in creating an autochthonous literature, using South American subjects and a literary style free of European influences. He was a harsh critic of Chilean society and its decadence. In many newspaper columns and in novels such as El inútil (1910), El roto (1920), and La chica del "Crillón" (1935), he studied, from a naturalist perspective which underlined the grotesque in everyday life, the human and social weaknesses of the system.

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Edwards Bello, Joaquín (1887–1968)

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